Friday, August 30, 2019

Baby bibs and Back to school, in Seven Quick Takes

refabulous baby bibs, handmade

Well, I had warned you that baby sewing would be making an appearance on the blog!  I whipped up seven bibs for my beautiful sister's baby, and we started back to school this week. . . . Seven Quick Takes style!

1. Baby bandana bibs. . . .

handmade baby bibs by refabulous

These took maybe 5 minutes to sew each one (not counting cutting out the fabric... which was just a few extra minutes.) I used this free tutorial and pattern from Sam and Lurel's blog. . . .

baby bibs

The bibs have some built-in fullness in the front, which is nice for catching drool and baby crumbs. . . .

baby bibs

And the backing lays more flat.

baby bibs

I also used an extra-long piece of Velcro for the closure, so it can be adjusted as baby grows. . . .

baby bibs

I dove into my stash, and used fabrics that I already had on hand. . . .

I'm just getting warmed up!

2.  School started. . . .

We're heading into our 17th year of homeschooling.  It changes so much, year to year, depending on each kid's needs and readiness, ages and stages.  It also depends on what our family is going through at the time.  There were years with pregnancies, losses, moving, toddlers, illness, older kids navigating adult life.  Some years were really difficult (for me) and some are easier.  (It's never totally easy.)  I'm hoping this will be an easier year; I'm only homeschooling four kids now!

3.  Henry.

4.  Donovan.

5.  Owen.

6th grade, Power Homeschool (formerly Acellus)

6.  Nolan.
8th grade, Power Homeschool

 7.  Matthew.

10th grade, Holy Cross Catholic High School

So here's an interesting turn.  Matthew is starting this year in our brand new local Catholic high school.  We are so excited for and blessed by this new opportunity!  It all fell into place so easily, and the timing was just perfect.  I can honestly say it's all God's doing.

youtube to the rescue again:
watching a how-to for tying a necktie

There's a bit of adjustment, in that he's never attended a formal school before.  The homework, and having to get up early in the morning, seem to be the biggest adjustments.  He really loves it so far, and we're just incredibly grateful he's getting to attend school there.

OK, I want to sneak in one more take. . . .
8.  My school.

I missed the application deadline for this fall's nursing program, so I'm using this opportunity to take an online chemistry class, and just study like crazy.  I'll apply to the program in May (the only window to apply to the program,) and if I'm accepted, I'll start next August.  I believe things have a way of working out, and that this timeline is actually for the better, especially with nieces and grandbabies being born, Matthew starting school, and Donovan still needing procedures done this fall.  (His procedures were cancelled earlier in the year due to strep and illness... he was sick for several weeks.)
new mug!

So that gives us time to settle in to our new routines, sew some more baby things, and just slow down a bit in general.
All God's doing.

I'm linking up on Kelly's blog, This Ain't the Lyceum, for Seven Quick Takes. . .  see you there!

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