Saturday, March 23, 2019

More thrift scores and more news

I slipped into a couple of thrift stores this week while waiting for Matthew's art class to finish up.  The shops were good to me!  Here's what I found, plus some news we received, in Seven Quick Takes. . . .

Another painting. . . 
thrifted painting, via refabulous

Again, just 5 bucks.  And it's a biggish one -- 30" x 24". . . .

thrifted painting via refabulous

thrifted painting via refabulous

It ties in really well with last week's find.

More fabrics. . . 

I also found some really awesome fabrics to repurpose. . . .

upcycling and repurposing thrifted clothing for sewing, via refabulous
top to bottom:  linen skirt, red denim jeans, two men's shirts, a plaid wool skirt, a pair of grey corduroys, another men's shirt, a geometric print skirt, and a pair of plaid pants.

I'm thinking of pairing the red denim with the linen cherry print for an eco tote.  They go together perfectly!  The men's shirts are perfect for bag linings.  (I'm running low on fabrics for linings.)

upcycling and repurposing skirts for sewing, via refabulous
huge cotton skirt. . . lots of fabric to use!

I'm MOST excited about this find. . . 

refabulous thrifting

If you scour thrift stores regularly, especially for furniture, then you've probably noticed that a Good Dresser is a rare find!  They usually have broken or failing drawer bottoms, the drawers stick or go off track, or it's covered in stickers.  But I think I found a true gem with this one:  no busted drawers, the drawers all slide perfectly, and the exterior is in pretty good condition!  The only thing Nolan (who received this dresser) doesn't like about it is that a couple of the drawer handles aren't totally level.  HA!  I didn't even notice, but something like that wouldn't escape his discerning eye.

More news. . . 

they really, really love the allergist appointments.
 very kid-friendly.

We received news that Donovan's working diagnosis is systemic mastocytosis.  This is incredibly rare in children.  Kids usually have the cutaneous form (which has a better prognosis) but Donovan doesn't seem to have that.  However, I wouldn't rule anything in or out just yet; we're still waiting on biopsy scheduling and another hematologist appointment next week for further confirmations.

The Hand Cafe, via refabulous

What it sometimes looks like. . . 

Donovan ate some Pringles a couple of weeks ago.  He was doing a STEM project with them, and ate some of them once he completed the project.

Pringle STEM challenge, mastocytosis reaction, food allergies, via refabulous

food allergies, mastocytosis, and a Pringle STEM challenge via refabulous


Now Donovan has eaten Pringles many, many times without any issues.  He has not tested positive for a potato allergy, or for any ingredients in Pringles.

But for whatever reason, his body decided to react to Pringles that day, and he soon had a terrible headache and bad flushing. . . .

flushing reaction in mastocytosis, via refabulous

Just in the past week, he's had 3 more episodes of flushing and just feeling crappy after eating something with potato starch in it, or his beloved McD's fries.  So now we'll be avoiding potatoes for the time being, until his body settles down and decides if he's allergic to them or not.  (I realize there could be a wheat trigger, too, so I really don't know what to think at this point.)

(The new medication he's taking seems to really help his bone pain so far.  He's only had one mild episode in the past month -- a big improvement.)

On a happier note. . . .

We tried a delicious and REALLY EASY homemade tomato soup recipe  for last night's meatless meal!  It was a huge hit with the kiddos, and we'll definitely make it again.  I did substitute the heavy cream for a big splash of Good Karma Flax milk and no one noticed.

lenten meal, tomato soup recipe link, via refabulous

Nolan made everyone grilled cheese sandwiches to accompany the soup = soooo good.  (Donovan had a grilled pb&j, and loved it!)

And a quick school project. . . 

lungs project in homeschool science, refabulous

inflatable lungs for homeschooled biology, via refabulous

homeschool, refabulous

The two younger boys were studying body systems in science, so they made an inflating pair of lungs.  They played with them all day, until someone blew a lung out. :)

And that was our week, friends!  Next week is CRAZY.  I'm working on some balsam sachets for a lovely client.  I'm taking a CPR class, too -- a requirement for applying to nursing school in May.  We also have that hematologist appointment, and we could use some prayers for that.  Then add in the normal extracurriculars (band practice, track, volunteering, and jobs,) and a nursing seminar I'm traveling to. . .  I'm tired just thinking about next week.

How about you?  Any interesting plans next week?  Any cool thrift store scores you want to share?  I'd love to hear from you!
Talk to you soon.

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  1. So much fun packed in such a small week sorry about the flare ... crazy, and sad. Prayers for all this next week !

    1. Thank you, Jamie! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. McD fries have milk in them, so that's a potential trigger.

    1. Ugh.... good to know! Thank you for telling me! It's in so many unexpected places.


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