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About that Fabric Fast: a recap of 2018

refabulous eco friendly sewing, fabric stash

My 2018 fabric fast lasted 6 months before I caved.

For a fabric addict, that's not really that bad.
OK, OK.  I'm making excuses.

But I did go all of 2017 without buying ANY fabric, so that counts for something, right?  Well, let's get to it.  Here's the damage. . . .

It all started when I helped a friend sort through a massive haul of fabric, and then accepted some fabric as a gift.  It always starts so innocently.  And I rationalized it, too, telling myself I needed it for tote bag linings.

Which, I kinda did.  A few days before helping my friend, I had spent hours cutting out totes for my shop. . . .

refabulous eco friendly sewing, fabric stash, upcycling, recycle
100% thrifted fabrics

and I was finding it more and more difficult to find lining fabrics for my bags.  I was running very low on lining fabrics, since seriously depleting my stash the previous year!
I was weak.

So I walked away that day with some lovely, funky stash builders. . . .

refabulous eco friendly sewing, upcycle, barter, recycle
these are but a small portion of the gifted fabrics from my sweet friend

That opened the (small) floodgates. . . .

But I really haven't gone too crazy.  I've only had a relatively small amount of impulse buys, especially compared to past years.  I bought these remnants, just because they are lovely.  No plans for these yet. . . .

refabulous eco friendly sewing, stash buster

And I bought these for the boys, to make pajama pants. . . .

refabulous eco friendly sewing, upcycling, recycle

Yikes! When I prewashed the comic fabric, the red bled over onto the white areas, and now it's pink.  The boys don't care, but it looks odd. :-/  Maybe I should re-wash with a color-catcher?

And then there are these. . . . 

refabulous eco friendly, upcycling

These are Henry's.  

Henry had asked Santa for Taco Pants.  
What are TACO PANTS, you ask?
I have no idea, other than what they sound like, I guess.   
Well, one afternoon, he and I were at Joann, and lo and behold:  taco fabric!  for TACO PANTS.  Guess who's going to be making TACO PANTS?!
It ain't Santa!  
He also liked the skull fabric, and begged for it.  So I bought that for him, too.

Thrifted buys. . . .

I source as many materials as I can for my Etsy shop at thrift stores, especially for my banners and totes, but once in a while, I'll come across some neat finds that I can't pass up. . .  just for me.

I really loved this fabric when I first spotted it. . . .

refabulous eco friendly sewing, thrift score, vintage linens

refabulous eco friendly sewing, thrift score, vintage linens
there's a LOT of it

and then I was even more fascinated once I spied the stamping on it. . . .

refabulous eco friendly fabric stash, sewing, thrifting, vintage linens

It feels like a linen or linen-blend fabric.  They're 17" wide, and in roughly 1 yard cuts.  I haven't counted how many there are yet, but there are quite a few!  It's really beautiful, and seems old, but in pretty good condition.  Any ideas on what they are, or what I should / could do with them?

I also found this lovely piece of home dec fabric.  It's so bright and cheery!  It's large, and folded here.  I've decided that I'm going to use it for a tote or two, and it'll be going in the shop eventually. . . .

refabulous, eco friendly sewing, using thrift store for your fabric store, thrifting

Other than buying fabrics specifically for orders, that's really all I've bought this year.  (Oh, and again, all the fabrics I was gifted aren't pictured.  Some have already been cut into tote bag linings!)  So I don't think the damage is as severe as it has been in past years.

Will I do another fabric fast in 2019?


I don't think it's necessary.  I don't feel that compulsion to buy and hoard like in years past.  And if it does ever crop up, I just think of aaallll the fabric I have at home that I can use.  And that's all it takes.

I think the fabric fast of 2017 really helped me put it all into perspective, and break the bondage of the MUST BUY FABRIC mindset that I was caught in.  I'm so grateful for that experience.

I'll post an update next January, and see how I've managed with the fabric stash / buying in 2019!
Do you have any crafty stash plans this year?  Are you doing a fast again?  How did last year's go, if you did one?
Talk to you soon!


  1. The Soviet Union fabric looks, to me, like dish towel fabric. Nice job on the fabric restraint!

    1. I'm thinking you're right about the Soviet Union fabric! (And thanks for your kind words, and for dropping by!)

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  3. Replies
    1. The more I look at it, the more I think you're right, Natalia! :)


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