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Visitors, adventures, and new front door decor: Seven Quick Takes

refabulous autumn leaf monogram DIY, sqt, quick and easy tutorial

Happy November, friends!  I hope this month has been treating y'all well!  Our household has been enjoying it so far:  we've had awesome weather, a visit from lovely family members, and a few adventures.  I doubt the rest of the month will live up to the excitement of the past several days!

{I'm linking up this week to Kelly's Seven Quick Takes.  Be sure to give her blog a read.  It's really good stuff.}

Before we jump into the new stuff. . . .

I had said I would post pics from our parish Trunk or Treat in my last post, so here we go. . . .

1.  Our Trunk. . . .


I did a simple swamp, where I stood behind the swamp/curtain and handed out the goodie bags from behind there.  Yeah.  It's pretty lame.  In years past (at our old parish,) it was a fishing game, but with so many kids turning out at this event, it's just not possible to do that here.  It would cause massive flow issues and congestion!  But the kids seemed to like the goodie bags, especially the glow bracelets we gave away.  So there's that!

2.  Speaking of goodie bags. . . .

refabulous teal pumpkin project

No ACTUAL goodie bag photos (ugh!) but we handed out ~300 of them, and could have used a few more.  Most parents paused to read the sign I made (above,) and a few seemed puzzled by it, but one parent was really, really excited and knew exactly what it was!  She told her son that this was where he would get safe treats (due to his peanut allergy,) and his face just lit up!  She said it was the only teal pumpkin she had ever seen in our town. . . .  Hopefully we can change that.

refabulous teal pumpkin project
read more about this project HERE

3.  And lastly, the boys. . . .

refabulous, seven quick takes, halloween 2018
 henry:  black panther
refabulous, sqt, halloween 2018, seven quick takes
 donovan:  iron spider
refabulous, sqt, halloween 2018
owen: hawkeye

And now the new stuff:  visitors and adventures. . . .

We don't have visitors very often out here in remote west Texas, so it's a BIG DEAL when our family comes and stays with us. . . which they did, and we had so. much. fun! 

4.  There was volunteering. . . .

First, we all volunteered at a local monthly event where we serve a meal to the homeless, and I sew and mend whatever needs mending.  My sister is an amazing seamstress, and she volunteered her sewing services as well.  We all had a wonderful, beautiful time.

refabulous, hope for the homeless, sewing, sqt

refabulous, hope for the homeless, sewing, sqt

5.  And there was entertainment. . . .

A movie night. . . .

The kiddos and I curled up under the stars outside and watched the ridiculous Ernest Goes to School, with piles of blankets, snuggling, and bowls upon bowls of popcorn.  
It was perfect.

refabulous, sqt

And then something slightly more cultured. . . .

We then took the kiddos to a special production of Shakespeare's greatest hits, geared toward an elementary school-aged crowd.  We were privileged to see this performed in the replica of The Globe Theater, located in our city. . . . 

refabulous, the glove theater, odessa, tx, shakespeare festival

The kids LOVED it, and are asking to watch more performances scheduled for this weekend, too!  One of my teens actually said, "I had no idea Shakespeare was so funny."
Really, now.

6.  And then some nature. . . .

After the Shakespeare performance, we ended the day at Monahans Sandhills State Park.  (You guys know I love that place!)  It was so peaceful and perfect.  We stayed until well after dark, watched the stars come out, and could even see the Milky Way.

refabulous, monahans sandhills, sand dunes, texas state parks, sqt

refabulous seven quick takes
refabulous, monahans sandhills, sand dunes, texas state parks, sqt

refabulous, monahans sandhills, sand dunes, texas state parks, sqt

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day, and to a wonderful visit with some of my favorite people.  I just can't wait to do it all again!

7.  And now. . .  for a crafty DIY project!

Right after Halloween, and before our guests arrived, I wanted new autumn décor for our front door.  I had spied this leafy monogram a couple of years ago on pinterest. . . .

repost of a thrifty abode tutorial of leaf monogram via refabulous sqt

And then I remembered I had made this monogram out of scrap wood FOUR years ago (!!!) and it was just lying around. . . .

refabulous autumn leaf monogram DIY, sqt, quick and easy tutorial

So really, this was the perfect opportunity to put that monogram to good use!  I slapped a quick coat of white acrylic paint on the "C" and let it dry.  If you wanted to make this project, you could make a large letter out of foam core, or even cardboard like this blogger did!  Otherwise, you can hunt down a large wooden, straw, papier mache, or cardboard monogram at your local craft and home décor stores to serve as your base.

I bought a couple of bags of silk crafting leaves from two different local dollar stores.  (I wanted different types of leaves, so I bought from different stores.)  They're MEGA cheap -- we're talking a dollar for about 30 - 50 leaves, so this whole project can be fairly inexpensive.  

refabulous autumn leaf monogram DIY, sqt, quick and easy tutorial, cheap leaves for crafting
you can find a BIG bunch of leaves like these HERE

Next, I broke out my trusty high-temp hot glue gun, and went to work, gluing the more basic, plain-looking leaves down first, covering the monogram.  Then, I added the printed, more detailed leaves (the fancier ones!) on top of that first layer. . . .

refabulous autumn leaf monogram DIY, sqt, quick and easy tutorial
here you can see the multiple layers, 
and different types of leaves used

Then I added a few extra leaves here and there, to make sure it looked nice and full.

I stapled a jute ribbon on the back of the monogram as a hanger.  I'm not really happy with how that part looks, but until I figure out something better, it stays.

refabulous autumn leaf monogram DIY, sqt, quick and easy tutorial

I've hung it outside on our door, and so far, it's survived our famous west Texas wind, and recently, rain and misty fog, and it still looks great!  I think because it's on a sealed wooden base, and because I used a ton of glue, it's holding up so well.  If you use something other than wood, I don't know how it would fare against the harsher elements, so please take that into consideration if you decide to make one, and where you place it if you do.

I hope you'll give this autumn monogram a try, and check out the other monogram tutorials I linked to above, as well (they have some different and good ideas, too!)  I'd love to hear if you try this out;  drop me a comment below if you do!

Thanks for dropping by, and I'll talk to you again soon!

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