Monday, November 19, 2018

Thrifted: the bathroom refresh and a new obsession

refabulous bathroom decor, jeff goldblum diy collection, thrifted

Last summer, we decided to refresh and lightly redo the boys' bathroom.  It had an ancient toilet in it that smelled like a public park restroom no matter how much bleach we used, a gross old medicine cabinet that had seen better days, zero décor. . . just no personality.  But the whole redo had to be on the cheap, and it had to be done by us.

Enter thrift stores, ReStore, and YouTube.

First, and the most difficult job, the toilet replacement. . . .

This was also the most expensive part of the whole job, and it really wasn't all that expensive.  (It was purchased from Lowes.)  I watched a YouTube video on how to replace a toilet, and it seemed simple enough.  I even remarked to the kids that the video said the whole process should take about 5 minutes, to which they replied, "so you mean 3 hours." (I rolled my eyes.)

They were right.

refabulous bathroom redo DIY, youtube tutorials

It took about 3 hours.

refabulous bathroom redo, DIY

But we did it, and it is a thing of beauty.

No pee smell, either.

Next, the paint. . . .

Kelsey and Matthew painted the walls and trim, and I love the color Brendan chose.  It was an inexpensive off-the-shelf blue from Walmart.

refabulous bathroom refresh DIY

refabulous bathroom redo DIY

The ReStore. . . .

I also recommend shopping at your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, if you have one locally.  I replaced the door knob set on the bathroom door, and I had found one that fit perfectly from the ReStore.  Our house is old and has weird-sized doors so finding this was a blessing!

refabulous DIY bathroom redo using ReStore habitat for humanity goods
no touched-up social media filters here!  pure realism/chipped paint for you, baby.

I also found some other small items and miscellaneous things I needed for our project at the ReStore, as well.  I always check there for fixtures, hardware, trim, doors, even plumbing pieces before I start a project.  I've saved a LOT of money, paying pennies on the dollar for items (often new in the package!) and they benefit our community, too.

Thrifting. . . .

I scoured the local thrift stores for a big mirror to replace the junky medicine cabinet, and I found a framed one for $7.  Nolan painted it for me, and I hung it with a heavy-duty mirror kit from Lowes.

refabulous DIY mirror for bathroom redo, thrifted

refabulous thrift score mirror for bathroom redo, thrifted

refabulous bathroom refresh, thrift score mirror DIY
I love finding surprises like this, from the kids.

My favorite part, and the inspiration for the entire bathroom redo. . . .

This is seriously my entire inspiration for redoing their bathroom in the first place (well, this, and the park restroom smell,) and they had no idea I was going to hang this shower curtain. SURPRISE.

Jeff Goldblum shower curtain bathroom redo, via refabulous DIY
the bathroom is pretty small, so I have to show you
the curtain in the reflection of the thrifted mirror.

refabulous bathroom refresh DIY, Jeff Goldblum shower curtain decor theme
I found this here.  I love it so much.

The boys, however, are not huge fans, and are a little annoyed by it.
(You can see the reveal video here.)

Which is why I continue to decorate their bathroom, and their (my) Jeff Goldblum collection is constantly growing with inexpensive thrift store frames. . . .

refabulous bathroom redo, jeff goldblum decor collection diy thrifted

refabulous thrifted frames decor
I paid half-off of the price tags on these... way cheap. 

I plan to hang one photo in here for each year of his life.  That's 66, if anyone's counting.

refabulous bathroom redo, jeff goldblum decor collection diy, bathroom refresh, thrifted

Only 52 to go.
My dream is to get an autographed photo. . . .  *sigh*
Some day.

Jeff Goldblum decor, DIY thrift score bathroom refresh via refabulous

I'll keep you posted on the Jeff Goldblum Décor Project.

I'm not quite finished with the bathroom.  I still need to replace the light fixture, and I've just been too busy to deal with it lately.  (Actually, I forgot.)  So there's still that little bit of unfinished business.

DIY thrifted bathroom refresh, via refabulous

Any good thrift scores lately?  Do you use the thrift store or ReStore to refresh your home?  I'd love to hear about it!
Talk to you soon!

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