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Seven Quick Takes in a week of survival mode

Survival mode, refabulous, crazy cactus lady

A rough week friends.  Not gonna lie.  I'm on day 13 of a cluster headache, so I've been in survival mode.  My house is a wreck, we've eaten a lot of tacos and spaghetti, the laundry is a literal mountain, and yet, somehow, by the grace of God, we managed to get school done and a few other things.  These are those "few other things," summed up in this week's Seven Quick Takes. . . .

Civic duty:  done.

survival mode at refabulous, early voting

That shelf again. . . .

I know y'all will get sick of seeing this, but it's constantly evolving.  I just had to share.  Especially because I have lovely friends that send me amazing pumpkin-themed mugs.  I mean:  PUMPKIN MUGS!  I love this so much!

survival mode, autumn decor, coffee station from thrift store shelf, refabulous

A low-carb coconut bread that doesn't suck. . . .

Coconut flour and I do not get along.  It's very much a hate-hate relationship.  I try to love it, but I just... can't.  It even tried to kill me once. (so dry... choking... gag....)  BUT. . . . 

This recipe is actually really good.  A little on the sweet side, so if you're looking for savory, cut back on the sweetener.  I used almond milk (I'm the only one that eats this.  If the kids are going to eat this, I'll use coconut milk.)  I also used Earth Balance dairy-free "butter" in place of regular butter.  Good stuff.

refabulous, low carb coconut bread
I sneaked a piece while it was cooling.

Wreath-making is a skill I do not possess.

Case in point:

refabulous halloween wreath, pinterest fail
what's done is done.

It looks NOTHING like its inspiration wreath.  {pinterest FAIL}

A birthday. . . .

Baby Henry is five.  FIVE.

refabulous survival mode, birthday boy

birthday boy, refabulous

Not such a baby any more. . . .

refabulous, birthday boy, survival mode blog post
photo courtesy of 10 year-old Owen

Goodies. . . .

Today we're working on little goodie bags for trunk-or-treat for tomorrow night's fall festival at our parish.  We're handing out non-candy goodies instead of candy.  I know, I know.  I'm going to be THAT parent.  But my own kids' allergies opened my eyes BIG TIME to a need for a lot of little ones out there.  Plus, it's just a fun alternative to all that candy.

I'm handing out glow sticks, reflective bracelets, bubbles, stickers, glow-in-the-dark spider rings, and friendship bracelets. . . .

allergy-free trick or treat alternatives, teal pumpkin, refabulous, goodie bags
I've been collecting the items over the past few months.  Amazon had a really good sale on the glow sticks, so they were mega-cheap.  We'll also display a sign like this at our trunk tomorrow night. . . .

allergy-free trick or treat alternatives, teal pumpkin project, refabulous

(I'll post a pic next week of our trunk and costumes!)

Aaaand just one more thing will be tucked into those goodie bags.

Yeah, it's a little weird.  OK.  But I was inspired about 13 years ago when a friend gave me a prayer card about St. Gertrude.  It simply asks us to pray for the suffering souls in purgatory.  And since All Souls Day is right after Halloween on November 2nd, I always slip one of these prayer cards into the goodie bags for the kids, with the hopes of maybe inspiring someone to say a prayer or two for the suffering souls in purgatory.

allergy-free trick or treat alternatives, teal pumpkin, refabulous, catholic family, st. gertrude prayer card

allergy-free trick or treat alternatives, teal pumpkin, refabulous, catholic family, st. gertrude prayer card

allergy-free trick or treat alternatives, teal pumpkin, refabulous, catholic family, st. gertrude prayer card
feel free to use this image!

I haven't decided what we're going to do ON Halloween night this year, if anything.  We've always gone trick-or-treating, but with the kids unable to eat most candy, what's the point?  So I think we'll have to come up with another tradition, a different alternative.  Any ideas?

Do you have any plans for this week. . . Halloween?  All Saints' Day?  All Souls' Day?  I'd love to hear all about it!
Thanks for dropping by!
Talk to you soon!

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