Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reclaimed Sewing: toddler pants from slacks

Sweet Henry boy turned two yesterday.  TWO.  How did this happen?  I mean, wasn't this just yesterday?

Well, in spite of my disbelief at the flying of time, two birthdays have come and gone.  And I figured that the birthday boy needed some birthday pants.

I still had about a yard left from the Spoonflower fabric I had bought for his layette and car seat before he was born . . .

Which is pretty cool, because he's totally obsessed with elephants.  We have to watch baby elephants on youtube almost every day, and he chooses the elephant print diapers over any other cool print, and talks about elephants, and colors elephant pictures, and received elephant presents for his birthday. . . .


So, I used that fabric for the waist band and cuffs, and I chose a gorgeous navy-ish fabric for the main part of the pants.  Buuuut that gorgeous navy fabric came from a thrifted pair of slacks!

 Don't be afraid of reclaiming fabric from clothing!  You'll find beautiful, unique, and expensive fabric for pennies on the dollar by looking at clothing as a fabric source!

See?  Plenty of fabric to make the pants.  These pants. . . .

And that's the only shot I got of him wearing them, because all of my other photos were blurry.  This kid CANNOT sit still.  Horrible model. Adorable toddler, though.  And he melts my heart every moment of every day.

Any questions about sewing with reclaimed fabric?  Leave a comment!  I'm always happy to help.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. After visiting your complete website, I realize how fun sewing is. I can prepare things of my own choice. Not just for my little baby but I can prepare some varieties of bags also. This toddler pant is really too good. You really have a good hand on it. It will save me lots of bulks on buying cloths. Thanks for the innovative idea.


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