Sunday, July 26, 2015

Life is Fun

My lovely friend, Charlotte, once said, "life is fun."  

Life. is. fun.

That stuck with me.  Charlotte has not had an easy life.  By no means.  But she has made a beautiful life -- and is an angel on earth.  Seriously.  I wish you could all meet her.  But back to those three tiny words:

Life is fun.

celebrating St. Henry's feast day -- and Henry's namesake

I'm not saying life is easy.  LIFE IS HARD.
I'm not saying life isn't ugly.  IT CAN BE.
All the hard and ugly and nasty and mean is there if we look for it.
I promise.  You'll find it.

But you will also find beauty
and joy
and innocence
and purity
and simplicity
and happiness.
if you look for it.
It's there.  You'll find it, if that's what you choose to look for.

Why not find fun and joy, in the midst of the hard and ugly?  Focus on the fun. On the joy.

I'm not naive.  I know there are terrible things, very, very bad things out there that can hurt my children, that can hurt me.  I can find them with a few simple clicks of the keyboard, or simply turn on the news.  Can I focus on them, obsess over them?  Sure.

Do I choose to focus on them?  No.  Because focusing on and obsessing on the evil, horrible things in life doesn't make me or my children any safer.

What does focusing and obsessing on them do?  It robs me of joy and peace, and robs my children of their mother. . . and her sanity.

I know, because I did that for most of my adult life.  I fretted, and worried, and what-if'd my entire adult life, and I hated and lived in fear of every stupid scenario that could possibly come true that never did.  (And I gave myself ulcers and migraines to boot.)

By the grace of God, I'm overcoming that, am healing and learning to let go. . . and trust.  It's always a process.  But I'm better than I used to be.

Now I'm trying to stay in today, and make life fun. . . .

I'm feeling at least 10 years younger these days since my surgery, and I've been busy making some silly magic with my monkeys every chance I get.  They've had to deal with real, grown-up stuff for far too long -- like a parent being sick for days and weeks at a stretch, lying around in bed all the time -- that's too serious for little souls, and it's time they had some fun.  You know. Like a childhood or something.

So we've been enjoying our public library's offerings, like Superhero Day. . .

And we took a lovely day trip to Balmorhea State Park on Justus' birthday (one of our angel babies.)  It was absolutely perfect.  (I also snapped the picture of Donovan with the butterfly, posted a little above, while at Balmorhea.)  The butterflies, which always remind me of our angel babies whenever I seem to need a little lift or reminder, flirted and played with us all day long that day.  So precious.

the palest bunch in west Texas.

Time is fleeting with these kids.  I'm trying to soak it all in.  They're growing up, and some will be moving out soon.  I'm ready, but are mamas ever *really* ready??

roadside shrine

Speaking of growing up, we graduated two more kids!  Yippeeeee!  3 down, 7 to go . . . .

 college bound!  future professional photographer 
(the one in the purple, with glasses on her head)

professional baker intern (the one in pink... and she wants everyone to know
 that she did NOT make the cake in the picture.  hers are way better.)

And of course we had to make Unicorn Poop cookies.  Ours didn't hold their shape like the pictures, but I don't think the kids cared.  I mean... sugar!  sprinkles!  poop!

We've also been enjoying some free movies in the park, free splash parks, dollar movies, free bowling, free concerts on the lawn (notice a theme here?) ha!  ;)  I have to be frugal with such a large crowd, and especially with Brendan's other leg surgery coming very soon.

concert on the lawn with these two crazy cuties

So let's soak it all up, friends.  The good, the joy, the beautiful.  Yes, and acknowledge the bad and the ugly, too, but don't focus on it.  It's there.  I know it is.  I'm not being insensitive, or flippant.  I know (and see and feel) there are terrible circumstances, some even in my own life.  Let's deal with them, as best we can, lightening our burdens, together, but let's not forget to celebrate the good and beautiful in our lives.  It's all around, if we choose to see it.


  1. I agree 1 million percent! Right there with ya and doing my best to make my life less stressful and have more myself, with my kids, with my honey....just make a beautiful life every chance I get! Life is too short not to. I'm sick of drama and hurting and pain. It'll always be there, but when it comes, I'll deal with it. For now, I choose to focus on the good. :) Hugs

  2. Precious photos of your precious family.

  3. That is such an inspiring post! There is so much negativity and evil out there but sometimes it actually feels like you are being encouraged to dwell on it. You are right it does no good and is unhealthy. I am also Catholic, though non-practising at the moment (I say non-practising, I read my bible and pray but have not been attending Catholic mass) I left my church earlier this year and began attending a C of E evangelical church I am now conflicted and feel I have done the wrong thing, I will not be returning there. I just wanted to tell you that I found your blog today purely by chance and feel encouraged by what you have shared. Thank you. x

    1. Thank you for your very kind words, sewing green lady. I'm glad you stopped by. I hope you can find the peace that is calling you. Pray, give it to God, and He will lead you. He never leads us astray. I will be praying for you, as well. Please drop by again any time. :)


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