Saturday, June 6, 2015

Serious and urgent

Friends,  last weekend, my sweet niece, Marley Sunshine, was in a terrible accident.  She has been literally fighting for her life ever since.  She sustained massive head injuries.  Marley is on full life support and in critical condition.  During the week so far, she underwent multiple surgeries to reduce the swelling in her brain and faced other complicating factors.  She has a very serious, difficult road ahead.

So I'm writing today to ask for your help. . . .

Marley with Henry

She is in desperate need of your prayers.
Her father (my brother) and her mother need your prayers.  
Her medical team needs your prayers.  

I know you guys, and you are lovely, warm people with big hearts.  So if you would like to lift her spirits with a card when she awakens from her coma (or perhaps send an encouraging word to her parents, Emily and Freddy,) you can send them to:

Marley Mercer
Trauma ICU Floor
C/O Harris Methodist Hospital Downtown Ft. Worth
1301 Pennsylvania Ave, Ft. Worth, TX  76401

You can follow Marley's progress and get updates on her condition at a facebook page set up for her:  Prayers for Marley Sunshine.  I hope you'll drop by.

If you're so moved, there's also a gofundme account set up to offset what will be their astronomical medical expenses.

So please... 
And above all, PRAY.

St. Jude, pray for us.

Talk to you soon.


  1. Still praying. How is it going now? Love you all!

    1. Thank you for your prayers, Sue. You know we appreciate them tremendously. I know she's making miraculous strides. I wish I had more, better details.... All I can recommend is to follow her facebook page and read the updates there. Thank you again! Love you, too!


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