Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Welcome, December!

Welcome, December!  It looks to be an interesting month. . . .

I'm doing a photo-a-day challenge with The Idea Room this month!  I've never done one before, and this one looks fun and easy.  My photos may be a little... odd... since part of December will be spent in the hospital with B.  You can follow mine on instagram if you'd like.  I hope you'll join in!  Be sure to search #theidearoom to see all of the neat entries!

 December 1: red and white

December 2:  errands

December 3:  candle

And then this happened. . . .

Of course, since the holidays are here, it's time for major appliances to break down.  Isn't that how it works?  It does for us!  Last year, it was the oven the day after Thanksgiving.  The year before, it was the washing machine right around Christmas.  So this year, it was the dryer's turn!

The belt broke!  Luckily, I was in the laundry room when it happened, or I'd hate to think of what could have happened!  (fire?)

I watched a video on how to change the belt.  Looked easy enough.  I ordered the part from  By the way, those people, and the folks at, are pretty awesome.  I've ordered from them several times (the oven... the washer... the fridge...) and they're always incredibly helpful and professional.  HIGHLY recommend!  Anyway. . . .

The video's verbal instructions, and the printed diagram, tell how to change the belt from BEHIND the dryer.  But the video's demonstration, and the written instructions that came with the part, show how to replace the belt from the FRONT.  uuuggghhhhh.  My brain just couldn't compute.

 So I took a picture of the instructions, and mirrored it on my phone.  Suddenly, it all made sense!  After some glitches, a few mistakes on my part, and additional research (do LOTS of research!) I finally got the belt on correctly, and we're now plowing, gratefully, through a mountain of laundry.

 And then this happened, too. . . .

Littlest Monkey is mobile!  And just in time for Christmas tree destruction decoration!

So nothing too exciting to write about; that's all that's going on around here.  I'm still sewing the felt birds whenever I get a chance.  I'll have some to list in my shop tomorrow!  'Til then. . . . blessings!


  1. Oh my gosh, how fast Henry is changing! He looks so big! My little girl is about to be walking...she's trying hard!

    1. They need to stop growing up so quickly.... :(


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