Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My superheroes, and a winner!

So, I'm a little late posting about Halloween.  It was two days after Halloween that the Bad Sick sent us all into a tailspin. . .  remember:  survival mode.

Anyway, the kids had all planned to dress up as superheroes.  At the last minute, the teen girls all changed their minds.  Whatever.

not superheroes.

I'll just talk about the boys. . . .

Spider Man, Captain America and Iron Patriot, with Super Monster 
in the foreground, showing off his intense super-powers.

I bought their costumes at the thrift store for about $2 each.  I had planned to do face painting for their "masks," but fast-forward to November 1st (the day of our Halloween festival at church) and I had no means of face painting.  Fast-forward a bit more to 2 hours before the festival starts, and some little boys NEEDED masks, pronto!

I remembered seeing this adorable tutorial for felt superhero eye masks on Pinterest. . .

BUT.  For some reason, on that particular day, I couldn't load the damn tutorial on neither my phone nor my computer.  So I winged it.  I placed some paper over my sons' faces, made crude measurements, made cruder drawings, cut a template, and slapped some felt together.

Now that I can actually read her awesome tutorial, I made them pretty much the same way she did.  Except I used a sharpie on Spider Man's mask.  I wish I had sewn the webs like she did, but Owen hasn't complained, so. . . .

The masks took about 10 minutes each to make, start to finish, and I think the boys look handsomely adorable.

The funny thing is that the boys play with these ALL. THE. TIME.  Like, every day.  The colors and designs could easily be changed to suit any character, any gender!  And they're so cheap and easy to make.  Which has me thinking that I should make a few more, like for stocking stuffers. . . ?


Congratulations to Sarah Dela Cruz!  You're the lucky winner of this autumn bunting!

I hope you enjoy the bunting, and this brings a little excitement to your day!  ;)
And a big thanks to everyone who dropped by, commented and entered.

See you soon!

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