Saturday, November 29, 2014

B's knee: update

For the first few weeks after Brendan's surgery, I felt so overwhelmed, with caring for him full-time, and then having a houseful of sick people on top of that.  But since everyone's well now, and Brendan's recovery is coming along beautifully, I  feel like I can breathe a not-borrowed breath.  And give you a quick update.

Plus, Brendan wanted me to share his progress photos with you.  (I also promised to be real here, so. . . .)

Now, avert your eyes if you're squeamish. . . . 

They're really not that bad, but. . . .

Last chance to quickly scroll past. . . .

We (and that includes his surgeons) are so pleased with the healing so far!  Not just the incision, although it is quite nice, but the fact that his knee cap is where it should be for the first time in years!  To give you an idea of what it did look like, here's his other knee today.

the red X's show where the knee and quad should be. 
even with his leg straight, they stay on the side of his leg.

 quadricepsplasty will probably be performed on this leg, too, 
once his right leg has recovered.

both knees, September 2014

Preparation (and prayer) mode. . .  again.

Next weekend, Brendan will be readmitted to the hospital for a week, maybe two, for intensive PT.  Right now, he can't feel his quad, and probably couldn't move it if he tried.  We're hoping the muscles will "fire" during PT, and then he can start strengthening and moving the muscles.  The doctors are saying it's a very painful process, so please keep him in your prayers over the next couple of weeks.

That also means I'm going to be away from my babies again.

 60% of the brood

And during the Christmas season!  I dread that.  SO MUCH.  Pray for them, and for my mama's heart, too.

I'll keep you updated. . . .  talk to you soon.


  1. Oh crap! His knees!!! I never realized how gawd-awful they would look. Poor kid! What an awful thing for him to have to go through. My uncle has the exact same problem and is nearly crippled. He has refused treatment, though. His son also suffers with it. Wishing you peace during this stressful time...and that you'll find child-care for your littles and that everything will go smoothly!

    1. Thank you for your well-wishes, Jenn! His knees don't look near as bad as I had imagined them... lol! I'm sorry to hear about your uncle and his son. Brendan, too, would be crippled by the time he's 20, if he didn't have these surgeries. He still may be, but this will give him the best chance of walking, and hopefully without much chronic pain. That's our hope, anyway.


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