Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Settling in

Brendan was released on Saturday morning, much earlier than anticipated.  We're all so grateful for that, and to be home, settling in to our new Normal.

It's a little tricky, figuring this out -- how this situation fits into the family rhythm, as Brendan can't transition or move to any spot in the house without assistance.  He can't prepare his snacks, go watch tv, join us outside, or do anything that requires walking to that activity without help.  And I am now realizing just how much I depended on his help around the house every day!

For now, Brendan is spending his time resting, letting the CPM machine do its thing.  His pain is still well-managed, and he's in good spirits.  He'll be starting some light-duty school tomorrow. . . some math, light reading, maybe some history.

And we made it home just in time. . .

. . . for Henry's first birthday!  I cannot believe this little guy is one already!

Going away. . . 

Last night, we had a going-away bonfire, complete with sticky, messy s'mores, for my lovely sister, who took such great care of my Monkeys while we were away.

I cried a little today (OK... a lot) when she and my beautiful nephew left.  I miss them already.

So tomorrow, reality hits.  Back to jobs.  Back to (home)school.  Back to chores.  Back to normal, once we figure out how that works.

Talk to you soon.


  1. Just stopped by your blog to see any updates about your Etsy shop (my cats love the mice toys I bought a few years back). Glad I did. You have a lot going on in your live and prayers are sent your way (for you and the family). Pinch your littlest's cheeks for me and say happy birthday. Mine turned 3 on the 28th.


  2. I'm so glad you dropped by, and thank you for being so understanding. I SO want to be back at my sewing machine, but life has other ideas right now... and that's OK. I'll sew when I can! Thank you also for your prayers... I truly appreciate that! Happy (belated) birthday to your little angel as well! :)


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