Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Into the storm and out... a quick post-op update

My son came through surgery safely, and the surgeons are cautiously pleased with the results.  They found more damage and complications than they had anticipated, but they were able to adapt and accomplish their main goals of lengthening the quadriceps and centering his kneecap on the right leg.  None of the anticipated bone procedures were done; the surgeons said they wouldn't have been helpful.  Now Brendan's very painful, very slow process of healing and rehab begins.

the oh-so-fun CPM machine.

He'll be hospitalized for another week, and then we'll hang around for an additional week, as the surgeons want Brendan nearby until his follow-up appointment.

This is my new home during this ordeal. . . .

my room, and B's birthday present.

How nice is this?  It's the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas.  The folks that run it, the atmosphere, the volunteers. . . so warm, inviting, nurturing.

I arrived at the House late last night, after visiting hours were over at the hospital (only 1 parent is allowed to stay with the child overnight, and my sweet husband insists on overnight hospital duty.) As I stumbled up to the front desk, worn out, raw, clunking around with my ridiculously heavy, bulky vintage luggage, the volunteer greeted me with a smile, and said, "Aren't you Brendan's mom?  We have something for him."  She disappeared behind a wall, and returned with a birthday cake and a large gift bag, complete with a personalized birthday card.  I was puzzled.  I explained that his birthday was in September.  The volunteer said that the entire House had celebrated all of the October birthdays that night, and they were sorry they had missed Brendan's, so they were celebrating it that night.  You guys, it was ALL I COULD DO not to break down and sob right then and there.

There's something really special, spiritual, going on there, and here at the hospital.  I'll keep you posted. . . .


  1. Thanks for the update. I have been praying for those at the hospital and the ones at home. Blessings, Love to all, Candy

  2. Healing healing healing thoughts!

  3. Ok, so I read this on your status on FB already and cried.....now reading it again....yep, I cried again. Many prayers being said for all of you! I am so glad their are still organizations out there that take care of people!


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