Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Scrappy: handmade twine from fabric scraps

I've managed to get a little bit of sewing done lately, working on an old order for boob scarves.  They're for an amazing lady (and her Bunco group) for breast cancer awareness and support.  She placed the order months ago, right before Henry's birth(yeah.  I'm a horrible slacker-flake...) and I feel like I have to get them done before I can start sewing anything else, so boobs it is for now.

I took a brief break from sewing the other day to play around in my scrap fabric bin.  A tutorial on how to make handmade twine from fabric scraps had recently captured my attention, especially the parts about it being a scrap-buster, and also mentioning that the whole process was "sort of meditative."  (it WAS!)   So I gave it a spin. . .

a basket full of fabric bits soon became a foot of twine, 
which then turned into several feet of twine.  and then several yards of twine. . . .

The tutorial, especially the video, is excellent, and very clear and easy to follow!  Just be sure to take little breaks like she recommends.  My fingers cramped up big time, and I think I got a blister on one finger, too, but goodness gracious, I think it was worth it. . . .

 I was also pleased to use up some of these fabrics, plus many more from my fabric bin. . . .

ugly!  but not for long!

I get so many of these odd 90's prints in fabric bundles at the thrift store.  I'll buy a fabric bundle for one or two particularly awesome fabrics, but these types of prints are always used as fillers in those bundles, and I never knew what to do with them.  But I know now!

I've been using some of this twine in my packaging in my etsy shop, and in all kinds of little crafty projects around the house.

I've seen this twine used as necklaces and bracelets, and of course in packaging.  What are some uses you can imagine for this pretty twine?

Talk to you soon!  :)

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