Saturday, June 14, 2014

Getting ready

My 2 year-long new fabric fast is over.  I may have been a little binge-y. . . .

top to bottom....

But when fabricworm hosts such a ginormous sale, and my stash is (believe it or not) actually on the skinny side, how can I NOT replenish my stash... just a tad?  I'm getting ready to reopen my shop in the next couple of weeks, barring any catastrophic life events.  New designs, new products... very excited!  I'll post some sneak peeks along the way!

We're also getting ready now. . .

awesome (and camera-shy) big brother

for my son's major surgery, which will take place in a few months.  It's an incredibly difficult operation, with 4-5 procedures in one swoop, but it's necessary, if he's to be able to continue to walk at all, and hopefully be able to live without the chronic pain that he suffers now.  

right knee.
on his right leg, he'll have a bone graft, muscle graft and relocation,
 patella tethering, and possibly a trochleoplasty 
(basically dig a groove in the bone for his knee cap to rest in.)

left knee.
as anatomically bad as the right, but since it's not really 
bothering him much at this time, we're leaving it alone for now.

In addition to the daily pain, his knees have become so unstable that they frequently give out, causing him to fall.  Yet, he never, ever complains.  Never feels sorry for himself.  He's always the first to help (and entertain) his little siblings.  He's a strong young man, and he inspires me daily to be a stronger mother, a braver person.  Please say a prayer for him. . . .

In the coming weeks and months, we'll be meeting with professionals that will help my son, and all of us, prepare emotionally, mentally, and practically for the surgery and the 6-12 months of rehab that will follow. I'm grateful to have such a long time to prepare.  Organizing the schedules, school and daily care of a family this size takes some major planning!  If you have any tips on preparing for something like this, especially cooking, homeschooling, and transitioning the littles, I'm all ears!

Talk to you soon!

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