Saturday, October 19, 2013

WIP: my QAYG diaper bag, part 2

Making progress!  Here are three of the completed exterior sides of my QAYG diaper bag.  I gave one large side a couple of deep, scooped pockets.  I made the cute pocket piping using my friend's awesome, fabulous, and magical video tutorial on how to make your own bias tape.  (Thanks a bajillion, Erin!)

you can click on any of these photos to enlarge, if you want to see the details better.  :)

Inside one of the scooped pockets, I hid another pocket for my cell phone. . . .

And here is the other side of the bag, sans pockets.  At the very bottom of the photo, peeking out from underneath the two side panels, you can barely see the bottom panel.  I just went with a solid cotton.

I already have the sides sewn together, but am taking a little break to stretch my legs a bit before I tackle the bottom, the adjustable handle, and then finally the lining.  I hope to finish the bag tonight, so I'll have another post for you with the finished diaper bag by Monday!  See you soon!

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