Monday, June 3, 2013

So I wrote this tutorial. . .

Well, actually, I wrote FIVE tutorials, while sitting and waiting here. . .

Oh, I didn't get them all written in one visit.  Remember we have 9 kiddos, and they all have teeth.  And a few of them had some less-than-stellar teeth.  (Bad mom, I know.)  I've had two weeks' worth of dentist appointments to sit through (and I still have another week to go!) and I'm one of those people that hates -- HATES -- to just sit still.  It's actually physically and mentally painful for me!  So I decided to do something, so I wrote a tutorial.  And another.  And then three more.

Now if I could just be home long enough to sew (and thus photograph) these neato tutorials. . . .

So I haven't forgotten about you.  I actually have some lovely things planned.  Please be patient a little longer, and we'll have some fun this summer.  Once I escape the dentist's office.

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