Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Now and later

I promise:  no more epic posts for awhile, OK?  I mean, you probably needed a nap after reading the last few posts!  (I know I needed a nap after writing them.)   I've been really tired lately and only seem to get random (and short) bursts of energy every now and then. However, I did manage to make this last week:

My lovely sister had knitted me some cute ear warmer headbands (*ahem*) months ago, so I made her this mp3 player case in return.  It has a simple pin on the back so she can attach it to her clothes during workouts, and a little vinyl window for visibility.  Hope she likes it!

Today. . .

I'm finishing these lovely baby shower favors for a client. . . .

Aren't these colors so pretty together?

Next up on the machine. . .

I'm still working on a new idea for the shop. . .

sneak peek!

I'm hoping to get this product ready for the shop before the end of May, and just in time for summer fun.  We shall see how my time management skills (and energy level) hold out!
See you soon!  (and time for nap!)

P.S.. . . .
Congrats to Peggy for winning the baby embroidery hoop giveaway!  Message me your mailing info and I'll get your prize right out to you.  :)

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