Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A quick little show-and-tell

A quick little post, sharing a couple of the projects (aside from THE TOTE) that kept me busy last month.

First up. . . 

a custom teapot trivet for a sweet customer. . .


back... love this embroidered linen fabric!

This teapot trivet was made from designer, new and reclaimed fabrics in a very specific palette that complemented my customer's beautiful teapot and living room.  (She loved the trivet, btw!)  Want one in your own colors, fabrics and prints?  Don't forget that I have the tutorial and free pattern, here on my blog, just for you!  

And (of course) baby onesies. . .

top onesies -- rough applique and machine stitching
bottom left -- rough applique and a handmade ruffle
bottom right -- acrylic paint and a singed flower

And they're GIRL onesies, too!  These were so much fun to make for my lovely cousin's baby (due to arrive any day now.  YAY!)  There's also a tutorial on my blog for the singed flower I used on the bottom right onesie.  You can find it HERE.  I've thought about making some tutorials for the onesies I make, and with so many great tutorials already available on the web, I'm not sure there would really be a need.  What do you think?  

For my own little Monkey. . .

a travel diaper and wipes pouch!

This was one of those last-minute, created-only-because-of-sheer-necessity projects.  One Sunday, I had dropped Donovan off at our church nursery, and the workers asked if I had a diaper bag to leave with them.  Ummm.  No, actually.  *so embarrassing!*

The next Sunday rolls around, and while everyone's scrambling around, getting ready for Mass, I remembered that I still had no diaper bag to leave with Donovan in the nursery.  I HAD to make something!!  Of course, starting work on a make-do little pouch like this a mere two hours before Mass was not the best idea I've ever had, but I did finish on time, and the pouch has worked out perfectly.  Donovan, however, made the saddest face in the whole universe when I dropped him off at the nursery that Sunday morning, and had the biggest, saddest, tear-filled eyes when I picked him up.  Soooo. . . he hasn't been back.  My mama-heart can't handle it!   But at least I have a spiffy new diaper and wipes pouch I can tote with me wherever I go.  :)  Like the park. . .

non-nursery-going Monkey

That's it for my show-and-tell today.  What have you been making?  I'd love to see!  Leave a link in the comments below if you'd like to share your latest project.
See you soon!


  1. I'm not sure your meaning projects in a generic way or if you are meaning sewing projects.

    Here is our latest addition to our Etsy shop...each one handcrafted.


  2. I meant ALL projects! :) I love to see what you're creating... so inspiring!
    And your shave brushes -- AMAZING! I can see all the time and love that went into the one pictured. Gorgeous.

  3. Olá venho convidá-la a visitar o meu blog para ver o trabalho que fiz inspirado no seu passo a passo,adorei fazer este individual para chá acho que ficou bonitinho,adoro todos os seus trabalhos obrigada.
    Parabéns o seu bebé é lindo,beijinhos..

  4. These are such amazing projects! So inspiring!



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