Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas crafting, part 3 -- DIY raccoon scarf

I instantly fell in love with this orange flannel and minky fox scarf on Pinterest, and pinned it with the intention of making it for Monkey 3, my fox-obsessed teen (who ended up with this adorable fox pillow instead.)  Suddenly, it was Christmas Eve, and I didn't have orange flannel, I didn't have minky, and I didn't have any motivation to go to a fabric store on Christmas Eve.  I also didn't have a handmade gift for my sweet baby girl, Monkey 5 (who's really not a baby any more, but a bouncy, bubbly tween.)   I pondered my fabric stash, and a cute grey plaid jumped out at me, begging to be made into. . .

a cute raccoon scarf!


I used the free pattern from Prudent Baby's fox scarf tutorial, and as suggested in the very easy-to-follow tutorial, I altered the long fox snout to be a bit more raccoon-like.  The grey plaid fabric was reclaimed from a skirt, and the warm, soft pink lining was cut from a $5 fleece blanket.*  The tail and face details are made from my eco felt scrap stash.  The eyes are simply some cute vintage buttons, and the whiskers are made from black embroidery thread.

The scarf can be customized to any length, and this one is 48" from nose to tail.  It fits Monkey 5 perfectly!

And did I mention she loves it?  It actually took me a couple of days to get photos of the scarf to share here, because she wears it allll the time!  She says it's really warm and cozy, too.

My oldest Monkey now wants one, made into Rigby, from Regular Show.  Weird... but OK.  I have most of the fabric already; I just need the lining.  I'll be sure to share a pic when it's finished!

*Those cheap fleece blankets are EXCELLENT sources for projects like these!  The blanket was 50" x 60", so I still have a lot of fleece left.  Not bad for $5!  And I've seen those blankets go on sale / clearance for just $1 or $2.  Now I'm on the hunt for more cheap fleece blankets!

In case you missed it. . .  check out these other easy, last-minute projects I made my monkeys for Christmas this year:  a cute fox pillow, and super-easy pajama pants.


  1. Tell your oldest monkey "Awwwwwwwwwww Yeahhhhhh"!!!

    You're so creative, Connie, I love it!

  2. LOL, Carolyn! I told her what you said, and she smiled and nodded knowingly. ;) Miss you!

  3. SO CUTE!!! I am pinning the pattern. Can't believe you got that all made on Christmas Eve. You must be a quick sewer!


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