Sunday, October 21, 2012

sick... fixed.

a peaceful nap after surgery

He choked on a sliver of bread the other night.  Baby Monkey couldn't breathe at all for terrifying-eternity-long seconds.  A rush to the ER and some quick chest x-rays revealed a glowing coin lodged in his tiny esophagus.  Surgery (an easy scope) was done the next morning and my little Baby Monkey was promptly bouncing around, babbling and happy, a couple of hours later.

The cause of my poor baby's upper respiratory ailments. . .

severely corroded  

A DIME.  But here's the kicker -- it was swallowed weeks ago!  I feel so sad for him, sad because I didn't know, and he tried to tell me.  Sad for all of our grumpy days and sleepless nights.  Sad for his pain and I couldn't fix it.  I had taken him to his pediatrician multiple times, begging for answers for his wheezing, his coughing, his raspy-hoarse voice, his refusal to eat solids.  I always got a shrug and "it's a virus."  He always got to suffer some more.

I've learned that I need to listen to my instincts more, look harder, demand answers... I knew something was wrong.  I shudder to think of what could have happened.  But I've also learned that sometimes God answers prayers in ways we could never imagine.  I had prayed for my baby to get well, to finally get well, and this coin, the cause of his respiratory problems, was found and removed.  He now has an excellent prognosis, with no lingering effects expected.  We are so grateful to God for answered prayers and for keeping my little Monkey safe.  We were further blessed with an outpouring of love, prayers, and help from friends and family.  We are so grateful for you all.

And one more thing. . . .

I also learned that my Monkeys could probably use some of these. . .

So I'll be back to sewing, crafting and blogging in no time!  See you soon*!
*barring the occurrence of freak accidents and swallowing of foreign objects


  1. Whoa! That's scary! I'm so very happy to hear that Littlest Monkey is on the mend. :)

  2. Thanks, T! It WAS scary, but even scarier is all the "what-ifs" I dare not think about....

  3. Bless him!I learned along time ago that "mother does know best" we do know how our little ones behave,and when something is just not right. So glad all is well. ;-)


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