Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello, old friend.

It feels AMAZING to sew again.  To design, draft and actually sew a bag. . . and all the way to completion!  *sigh*  I didn't realize how much I've missed it.  It's been over a year since I had sewn a bag!  Crazy!

I made a ginormous duffel bag for my Oldest Monkey.  I used fabrics purchased from the thrift store, including these sturdy canvas fabrics for the exterior, a vintage table cloth for the zipper panel, and a vintage sheet for the interior lining.  I flat-lined the bag with new fleece for body.

My only regret is not getting a single decent photo of the finished duffel bag! It was whisked away on its journey a mere hour after being finished, so I only had this one awful photo, snapped with my awful phone, at the awful hour of 4 a.m.  I promise -- new, better photos will be taken upon return!

 a dozen pockets are on this baby! 

And I've missed you, too.  We've just trudged through three miserable weeks of summer colds, complete with coughs, mild fevers and some puking thrown in for extra fun.  The virus has finally released its nasty grip on our family, and moved on to torture someone else's sinus cavities.  Littlest Monkey took it the hardest, and developed a secondary respiratory infection.  He's feeling better, but still sounds a bit rattle-y.  I'm so glad to have my happy little guy back. . . .

 baby kisses are the best!

So I'll be seeing you again very soon.  Now that I'm not having to hold / rock / nurse my Littlest Monkey 24/7, my arms are free to do other things.  Like blog.  And sew.  :)


  1. Oh, the sickness in your family sounds horrible!!! I'm glad everyone is getting back to normal, even the littlest one. Congrats on getting a bag sewn!!! I miss seeing your bags. I use my almost every day! :)

  2. Carolyn, that makes me SO happy to hear that you still use yours! :) I miss making the bags, too. Hopefully I'll get back to making them VERY soon.


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