Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Celebration time!

The streamers and balloons are being hung, the cake cools and the tablecloth is spread.  Excitement builds, and the little ones just know something fun is about to commence!

Tangible cues. . .  decorations. They mark our senses, our memories.  They set moods and serve as backdrops for our stories.  They matter.

Sure, they're "just" decorations, but they're also the trappings of milestones remembered, achievements celebrated, and loved ones gathered.  Just as a favorite Christmas ornament elicits exclamations of "Hey! Remember that time the tree tipped over," a particular party decoration can trigger such fond (and notable) memories.

Many months ago, I decided to make something reusable, memorable, and versatile for our family to use for family get-togethers, birthday parties, bingo games.  Little achievements, big milestones.  So my daughters and I spent a weekend cutting and pressing brightly colored fabrics and sewing them onto handmade bias tape.

making bias tape. . . .

 can you believe how BIG this tape-maker is?!

up next for the machine. . . .

We loved how they turned out!  So colorful, so happy!

We first used the buntings at a triple birthday celebration for my son, my sister and my father-in-law.  It was a chilly, breezy March afternoon in the park.  The trees were still fairly bare, and the buntings brought a bright punch of color to the picnic site.  The flags remained perfectly intact in spite of the breezes, the trees, and the kiddos!

I think they're too pretty to sit in a drawer, so in between parties, we hang them in our homeschool classroom as a colorful decoration.

When it's time for a party or special occasion, we take them down and relocate the buntings to the party location.  So far, they've survived many moves and decoratings, and I believe they'll hold up for many more.

I want to share these fun, colorful buntings with others, so they are now available in my shop.  I hope they will bring smiles to lots of faces, and frame many a happy gathering, for years to come.

How about you?  Does your family have a favorite decoration or item that has special meaning or significance for your celebrations?  I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

P.S.  Tomorrow - a special celebration, and I want YOU to join me!  See you then!


  1. Good wishes,
    GOAAAASHHH!!! I couldn't stop smiling!!
    Glorious article!
    Glorious blog!

  2. Each year, our kids get a special ornament at Christmas that reflects something about their year. For example, my son was given a Ninja with a Santa hat the year he received his black belt in martial arts. This is the one gift that takes me the longest to find. It has to be just right. :)


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