Friday, July 1, 2011

It's almost time. . .

. . . for a giveaway!  Yes, I said it!  So now I have to do it, right?  ;)  Actually, tonight I'm working on said giveaway, so you guys can hold me to it.  Sorry, the giveaway won't be the fab clock pictured above.  I just thought that the photo went well with my title and all....  ;-)  But can you believe that clock???   (Which happens to be a 1946-1950 bakelite GE clock timer.)  So completely awesome.  And it works, too!  Oh, and the kicker?  Two. bucks.  The thrift store is loving me these days.

Aaaand a Pippi Update. . . .

I had forgotten that I had her x-rays uploaded, so I thought I'd share them now.  You can see where her right leg is broken, just above the joint.  Even after almost a month of splinting, no healing occured.  :(

In spite of that, she's still doing OK.  Hobbling, etc.  Same.  Well, other than her attitude.  That has markedly improved!  I'm not sure what all happened on that fateful 2-day bender, but she's almost nice to me now. 

My friend Tricia, from Handmade Whimzy, ordered a little catnip mouse from my shop for her kitty, Sparky.  SO cute:

*Sparky approved*

You can see more happy pics of Sparky enjoying her new mouse over on Tricia's blog.   Tricia has also written a very sweet blog post for Pippi, so please drop by and give it a read.   Thanks, Tricia!

There's also a facebook event (!!!) featuring our Naughty Pippi, started by one of my dear customers, to help spread Pippi's story.  If you get a chance, please click on over and tell your friends about it.  Thank you, Destiny! 

And thank you ALL for your kind words, shared stories, and of course for your generous purchases of the special catnip mice.  Check out that progress over on the left-hand side!  WOW!  You guys are awesome. <3

If you haven't read Pippi's story yet, you can find it here

ANYway... giveaway details coming very, very soon!  See you soon!


  1. You're welcome, Connie!
    I think Pippi has a better attitude because she appreciates her home more now. Sometimes the big world is not as great of an adventure as we think it will be.

  2. The mice arrived last week, you are really fast on getting those in the mail! My 3 year old daughter stole the one I had purchased for our cats. She let the one cat, Jack, get enough of a sniff to get excited about the catnip and then took the mouse away. We have yet to find it even with a 3 day weekend to search and clean the house. I might just have to get another one for my kitties.


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