Friday, March 11, 2011

Like sprinkles on a cupcake. . .

In my recent thrift store trips, I've come across some vintage linens with crochet (or tatted?) trim.  I love them.  I think it's because someone took the time to add a handmade, pretty touch to something that was already pretty.  I think of it like sprinkles on a chocolate cupcake.  The cupcake is already yummy, but sprinkles add that special touch that didn't really have to be added -- but you're happy they're there.  Here are two of my recent finds, awaiting a good Borax soak. . . .

an embroidered table cloth with a crocheted trim


a very delicate pillowcase

And then I remembered coming across a lovely tutorial on how to make a pillow case with a crocheted scallop edge.  SO gorgeous.  I wanted that pillow shown in the tutorial.  That. exact. pillow.

So I set out to make it myself!  I ordered the fabric from two Etsy shops, The Fabric Farm and Hoot Fabrics, and purchased the yarn from our local Michaels.  I gleaned some very, very basic crochet lessons while watching youtube how-to-crochet videos with my Monkey 1 {she made herself a lovely hat!} and gave it a whirl. . . .

The most difficult part of this tutorial is making the blanket stitch foundation for the crocheted trim.  You know I love the blanket stitch, but working with several feet of yarn was quite tricky and sometimes tangle-y!   I also learned {the hard way} not to make the foundation stitches so tight.  ARGH!

But in the end, I think it turned out quite lovely!

I can't wait to make more, and bust through some of my enormous stash.  My Monkeys are already making requests.  Time to buy more yarn!

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