Monday, March 8, 2010

Dog drama

I'm sorry I've been MIA (again). . . . I had been working on one swap package (which was finally delivered today,) so I'll post photos of the items tomorrow. Other than that, we've been working on such glorious tasks as preparing the garden beds, doing laundry, starting seedlings, and researching chicken coops. And we did have some dog drama.

We adopted Rico a couple of weeks ago from the local Humane Society.

Things started out great, but quickly went very odd, and very bad. He attacked my sweet 3 year-old from behind -- completely unprovoked and very viciously. Before anyone tells me that puppies just play rough, or my son provoked him, or whatever, I know what I saw and it was terrifying and completely out of character for just about any dog. My son has bruises and scrapes from the attack, but is otherwise fine. The dog went back to the shelter the next morning.

However, we didn't leave the shelter empty-handed. . . .

Meet Maybe, our 8 week-old female lab mix. (Mixed with what? Anyone want to guess?) She's more of what I was wanting for our pet in the first place. I'm crossing my fingers that she will be a good fit for our family.

The cat and the pup are still eyeing each other (in my ugly purple kitchen with an ancient stereo that my teens deposited on the floor. . . lovely!) I hope they'll learn to get along while the pup has to be indoors. I really do not want an indoor dog, but I guess she stays for now. :) At least she's reminding me what it's like to be up with a newborn all night.

Speaking of babies. . . .

Thank you all for your kind wishes for us! They mean so much to me. And thank you for your words of encouragement for my daughter -- she loves reading each and every one!


  1. I hope your baby is okay and doesn't suffer any fear of dogs in the future.
    The puppy is so sweet! congrats.

  2. Hey SIs!
    I hope you monkey is all right!
    my mom's dog is also Maybe! HE is a yorkie.
    I loved thepic with the cat and the dog!
    I hope you got my e-mail

  3. I hope your new furbaby brings joy to your family.
    I think the best way for Baby aged 3 to recover is with a new licky, fun puppy and I hope he forgets about the attack from Rico quickly - I can't believe such a young pup did that but I think you did the right thing there in taking him back.

    Congratulations on your lovely news too :)

  4. I am so sorry about your 3 year old and the puppy, that kind of thing makes me wonder what it had experienced in it's life. i hope there is no lasting psychological damage. You new puppy is too cute!(named from arrested development?)


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