Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another find on the farm

We have the barns that keep on giving. We were cleaning out another shed the other day, and look what we found:

I thought it was a piece of cardboard, with all the dust covering it. I had no idea it was a mirror! It's very heavy (and large) and I think it could clean up nicely. We found it hanging in this nasty corner. . . .

. . . of this nasty shed:

This is a photo of the shed mostly cleared out. . . it was a huge mess. Three truckloads of junk, including 30 POUNDS of beer cans (which we recycled.) This shed has to be repaired with good, clean wood, and given a nice coat of paint. We're going to put the chicken coop here. It turns out that the first owner of the home used this as a chicken coop, too. Lots of work ahead! Let's keep this photo in mind as the "before," and hopefully next month, I'll have an awesome "after" to share!

Here's what we found in another barn. . . .

I wonder what we'll find next? ? ?

But for today. . . .

I'm going to bake Valentine cookies with Monkeys 6 and 7. That should be interesting!

Later, we're all heading out for a thrift store trip -- I'm really looking forward to that. We haven't been in quite a while. The main reason? No offense, West Texas, but your thrift stores stink. As in, they aren't very good/stylish/stocked. But I suppose we'll have to make-do until our next trip back to the big city. I'm on the lookout for some bright, springy plaids and maybe some bold florals. *crossing my fingers* My daughter is also wanting to make some more of these shirts, (so she can eventually open her own Etsy shop!!) so she has her own thrifty shopping agenda. Wish us luck!


  1. That old truck is awesome. You could put it in your front yard and use it as a planter. We had a neighbor that did that. It looked really cute. She also painted the Texas flag on her barn roof. She was pretty cool.

    The only thing though, is that you have to mow under it, if it's in your yard. She actually did that and kept it looking really nice.

  2. hope your daughter's shop is successful for her! :0)

  3. My husband says that your truck looks like it might be a 41 Chevrolet or maybe an International. He said don't do something like making a planter out of it. It could be worth some $$$. Actually, he said not to tell you that, but to ask you if you wanted him to come haul it off! LOL!

  4. LOL, Peggy! Our home's previous owners left the truck's title tacked to a bulletin board in the kitchen (with the keys!) It says the truck's a 1950 Dodge. My hubby would like to restore it, but doesn't know much about that process -- yet! :) Might be a good father-and-sons project.

  5. I never had much luck in Lubbock's thrift stores, they were pretty crappy, although, come Halloween, the guys from my class put together some amazing outfits for themselves. Yuma, AZ's thrift stores on the other hand, are incredible, since the snowbirds move there and then get rid of all their amazing vintage clothes.

  6. LOL! Well, it just goes to show that my husband isn't as big an expert on vehicles as he thinks! He thought it looked as if the hood raised up on each side.

    I wouldn't do anything like make a planter out of it, though, until I found out if it was worth anything.

    It would be an awesome restoration project for your husband and boys. It would go along well, I think, with your home schooling...sort of like a shop class for your boys, and girls, too!


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