Friday, September 11, 2009

Congrats! The giveaway winner is....

Congrats to kimmay for winning my 1000 Sales Giveaway! I hope you enjoy these!

Thank you for all the kind comments and congrats. . . I really appreciate them all!
And yes, they're finally ready --

Other than that, we've been packing, cleaning, decluttering. Not much fun, but it sure feels good to be making progress.


  1. Hurray! So happy to have won! Plus, your shop looks great. Hope I can have mine looking as great as yours. Sent you an email just a moment ago. Thanks, again!

  2. Oh Pooh!! Well, congrats to the winner anyway!

    And I don't envy you Connie, having to pack up all the stuff for a huge family. Just sell it all and rebuy when you get there. LOL

  3. Tricia, you have no idea how tempting that suggestion sounds to me!

  4. ps: I received Connie's package and was so thrilled! To see the blog post I wrote about it, visit here:

    Thanks, again!


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