Sunday, August 30, 2009

I've been up to. . .

. . . some rather boring pursuits. Necessary, but boring:

More cutting. A lot more cutting. . . these are for sachets.

I did hit the thrift stores yesterday. . .

So cute, and all mine. My teen Monkeys are scheming to "borrow" it.

We also found that the thrift stores are beginning to set out their fall and winter wear, so we were able to scoop up several wool sweaters! My daughters and I sit together in the evenings and unravel the sweaters to make these:

I've decided to have a healthy stock of dryer balls made up before I list any in my shop this year. They sold out so quickly last year, that I always felt that I was playing catch-up from the start. I'm also making them a little larger than pictured above. I started doing that after the first couple of batches last year. I just liked them that way. So be on the look-out -- I'll be sure to post when they are ready.

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