Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hurry, autumn!

Autumn always arrives late in Texas, and is very fleeting once it does arrive. I'm already looking forward to the cooler days, early sunsets and crispy falling leaves. We decided to pretend a bit like it was early autumn, and have a fun little outing at the same time.

We woke up really early, and baked some pumpkin spice muffins from scratch. We packed up our muffins, some canteloupe and drinks, and headed out to our favorite local park for a cool breakfast picnic.

We went for a short hike. . . .

Owen's little legs ran as fast as they could, the entire time (thus, the short hike!)

The Monkeys gathered some interesting leaves, acorns and sticks (for later) and then played a bit on the playground. Owen was exhausted!

That afternoon, the older Monkeys made some artwork from their findings. . . .

Monkey 7's work. . . "Mr. Lettuce and Mr. Tomato."

Monkey 6's work. . . "Leaf Monster."

Monkey 5's work. . . "Another Leaf Monster."

Monkey 4's work (and my favorite). . . "The Waiter."

Monkey 2's work. . . "untitled -- it's just pretty."

Hurry, autumn!


  1. Hello, I'm leaving a comment for you because you have a great site here - I've really enjoyed reading your posts and your pictures are great !

    Thanks for sharing them and have a lovely weekend

  2. I love the pictures of your children, they always look so happy. A testament of what a great mother you are! The leaf pictures are great, too, really using their imaginations there!! Thanks for sharing this day with us.


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