Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A request

Please pray for my sweet Monkey 2. Early last week, she started having terrible headaches again, with pain behind her eye (doesn't this sound familiar?) On Thursday, she awoke with her right eye swollen shut, in excrutiating pain -- and unable to see at all from that eye.

That day, she was admitted to Children's Medical Center in Dallas, and was seen by scores of doctors and specialists. They classified her eye problem as posterior scleritis, with a serous retinal detachment. But what caused the eye problems in the first place? No one can tell us. The doctors just don't know yet. Several blood tests are still pending, and we're hoping for an answer soon.

On Friday, the doctors started her on steroids and antibiotics, and within half a day, her eye swelling was almost gone, and she can now see light and color again. She was able to come home yesterday!

Here she is after 36 hours of medication -- no swelling! And she's smiling.... A very good Mother's Day gift, indeed.

Her vision is still blurred -- she can see the doctor's fingers about 6 inches in front of her face, but it's an improvement over what it was. The fluid behind her retina will take time to reabsorb, and she will hopefully be able to see normally once that's gone.

Monkey 2 has a visit with the ophthamologists tomorrow, so we're hoping for more good news, and maybe reduced medications. So, please keep my sweet daughter in your prayers, and ask for blessings for the wonderful doctors at Children's. We truly appreciate it.

I'll keep you posted, and to hopefully get back to fun, crafty, fabric-inspired posts again very soon. And I hope all my sweet mom-friends a had a lovely Mother's Day!

OK -- ONE fabric mention. . . .

And I'm only mentioning this because I received this email today (or was it yesterday? or. . . ?) and I HAVE to tell you about this! Craftersvision, that fabulous online fabric/craft store, said in its email that the Heather Ross Mendocino line has been discontinued (GASP!) and if you love it (like I do) then you'd better order it now. Once it's gone, it's gone! (And their prices on this line are really good, too. Trust me, I've looked!)


  1. Sorry, didn't read this before I sent you that PM.

    I am SO happy! (I know you are MUCH happier) LOL.

  2. Connie, of course Monkey 2 is in my prayers. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do.


  3. you and ur daughter are in my prayers connie. tc.

  4. Of course we will pray for her!

    And thanks for the tip about mendicino! I'll be sure to pick some up for the boat!

  5. Your daughter will be in my prayers!

  6. She is most definitely in my thoughts and prayers!! xoxox

  7. I'll be keeping your daughter in my prayers.

  8. I am praying for her right now....


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