Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! and a few eggs

I hope you are all having a wonderful and peaceful Easter!

My husband and I awoke very early to Monkey 7's shrieks of joy, "The bunny came! The bunny came!" It had been storming all morning, so the bunny couldn't hide eggs outdoors. We had a quick indoor egg hunt, and then the Monkeys enjoyed way too much candy -- all before breakfast. We went to Mass, and then ate a simple lunch before my sweet husband had to go to work.

This afternoon, the Monkeys and I decorated eggs. We were inspired by this slideshow, plus this article in Family Fun magazine, so we couldn't wait to get started!

I love that everyone came up with different ideas and techniques:

Monkey 6's little chicken is so cute!

The tiny Frankenstein and bunny are adorable. . . both made by Monkey 5. Monkey 4 created the swirly-dyed egg. . . and has green-stained fingertips to prove it.

Monkey 3 was fond of glitter today. (I wonder if the glitter ever really goes away?) Monkey 2 made the felt-embellished eggs behind the glittered eggs.

Monkey 1 came up with these lovelies:

My sweet husband has to wear a tie to work, so he had plenty of ties we could use for the tie-dye technique:

They turned out very interesting.

Some of us will be enjoying these hard-boiled eggs for supper tonight!


  1. Those last eggs look so pretty, like marble. My favourite is the egg wrapped in wool, those colours are gorgeous.

  2. They look great and they taste so good on salad!! YUM!

    Your monkeys are as creative as you are!

  3. Those are some awesome looking easter eggs!

  4. I love all the different techniques used. They look pretty...glad you had a good day. :0)


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