Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fabric. Need I say more?

I have some plans in the pipeline for some little lounge pants for Owen, some pajama pants for Nolan, and some aprons for some super-sweet gals (a secret!) Naturally, these plans require fabric. . . so here are my latest finds. . . .

I purchased some fabric from the super Etsy seller, karaku, with whom I've shopped before:

Absolutely gorgeous in person! These photos do not do it justice. Check out that glittery leaf! (glittery!) I didn't even realize it was glittery until I received the fabric. LOVE it!

This is so sweet:

This is also lovely:

I highly recommend karaku. She is so professional, very sweet, and ships quickly. My orders arrived from Tokyo in less than a week. Please pay her shop a visit!

I also recently found Lucky Kaeru's fabulous shop. Remember this sweet fabric?

I didn't jump on it when I had the chance to purchase it at $2.50 a yard, but seeing it in person, it is so cute and worth the regular price. I'm envisioning some lounge pants for Owen, or maybe pajama pants for Nolan (or maybe both!)

And this was my impulse buy:

I had not seen this print yet, so I ordered it on a whim. It is much more vibrant in person, and the fabric is super-soft. I can't decide what to make with it -- so pretty! Be sure to drop by Lucky Kaeru's shop too. . . quite a feast of fabric eye candy!

My believe sewing to-do list just grew quite a bit.


  1. wow Connie I have been missing you! Your new fabrics are just so beautiful, exactly my style. I love the last one you bought, that is so different. I usually buy fabrics to make things for others but that is the kind of fabric I would buy for me.

  2. Um, yes, I do believe that last fabric was for me! ;) I couldn't resist.

  3. delish! I wouldn't be able to resist either!


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