Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A new ReFabulous product!

We've been working on a new product for several weeks now -- recycled wool dryer balls! These help eliminate static in the dryer, just like those PVC balls do. But this is a natural, eco-friendly alternative to both the chemical-laden dryer sheet and the PVC balls.

These wool balls are taken from 100% wool sweaters.

We carefully unravelled the sweaters (don't flame me, my lovely knitter friends!) and then wound a small, tight core.

I fulled the cores, then wrapped the core with more yarn, until the wool balls are just a tad smaller than a tennis ball. The balls were then fulled again, through several hot washes, until they are partially felted.

We tested a batch of dryer balls in our own laundry, and I have to say that they are effective in reducing static! They are the most effective with cotton and cotton blend fabrics, and the least effective on 100% polyester items. (But then again, commercial dryer sheets aren't that effective on polyester, either.) We used one ball in our laundry, and had positive results. Some people use two or more, and claim even better static reduction.

Our product tester, one of my sweet customers, gave the dryer ball's static reduction properties a 9 out of a possible 10 (1 being no noticeable static reduction, and 10 being the best static zapper ever.) Not bad! She was so pleased with the dryer balls, that she said she would recommend them to friends, and buy more for her own family. (Thanks, Sara!)

Pair these wool dryer balls with my dryer sachets, and you have a natural, eco-friendly alternative that both reduces static and lightly scents your laundry! Both are now available in my shop.

Oh -- and my sachets were on the Front Page tonight!


(Thanks, vintagedchic, for including my sachets in your lovely treasury!)


  1. Those dryer sachets were the best invention ever, they are all over the net!

  2. WOW! the dryer balls really sound interesting! I hate static and it's so badthis year!

  3. Sounds great. I'm going to give you a shout out over at EcoChildsPlay. I write blog posts for them.

    The felt balls and sachets are excellent eco-friendly items.


  4. WOW! What a fantastic idea!! They're PRETTY too, which is more than I can say for dryer sheets!

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