Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's back!

Ohhh, I'm so excited! Buyfabricsonline is now carrying the rumored-to-be-discontinued blue Viva Frida fabric again!

I had to order up a bunch (well, as much as my paypal account would allow) so I can have a nice, safe amount on hand for all my sewing needs. In the photo above, the color isn't really that blue, or flat. It has more of a green tinge to it, almost an aqua, like in the photos below. The colors are much richer. I'll probably be making another one of these, as this was my all-time favorite tote, and this design/style has sold out right away both times I made one:

I also think I may make myself an apron from this fabric. And, if I can dig up any, I may use some of that flat crocheted-type "lace" as a trim. I can never find anything to do with lace, much less the crocheted kind (so I hope I haven't given it all away,) but I think the handmade-look of it, and its texture, would be perfect for this project!

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