Thursday, January 29, 2009

I miss you guys.

You have no idea.

Monkey 7 was sick -- croup -- last week. Now, little Owen (Monkey 8) has had a nasty cold since last Friday. He ran a low grade fever on Sunday, but none since then. However, he will not sleep in his bed. I think the congestion really bothers him when he's lying down flat. Soooo, I have been holding him, for many hours, night and day, all week. I love my sweet little guy, but enough snuggling already! Anyone want to come over and fill in for a couple of hours so I can take a nap??

I do want to thank Amy at Mia Sophia's Day for her very sweet write-up on my sachets and wool dryer balls. I'm very happy that they worked for you! (Go check out her lovely, and I mean lovely, felt hair accessories and pendants! Her stained glass panels have been a favorite of mine for a long time.)

Also, how about a super-crazy-awesome mention on Montreal's CBC website?

Seriously, I do miss you, and I will be back soon (hopefully) to catch up on all of your amazing posts and stories, and maybe have a post and pictures to share as well. Now, I'm off to bed. . . . Owen is sleeping for the moment.


  1. I volunteer to babysit Owen! Hang in there, Connie -- this too will pass.

  2. Oh, I would be there to help in a heartbeat if I lived close by!! I am sorry you are going through this. I understand all too well and empathize! Meghan is much like Owen, well, all the time, not just when sick! She actually fell asleep on my NECK last night and I awoke unable to breathe and when I removed her, my neck was tingling and cold to the blood flow! Sigh~
    Heehee...anyway, hope you all get better soon and stay better!

  3. It's exhausting isn't it, looking after sick kids, especially the ones who like to be held 24/7! So lovely to hear from you again.


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