Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ask me anything, and some new pincushion love

I'm so super-excited about this, I had to tell you right away! I'm being interviewed over at Craftster, one of my all-time favorite sites! So if there's any crafty-business-thing you want to ask, or just read what others ask, pop on over here!

And speaking of Craftster, did I tell you I've caught the swap bug again? "Oh, no," you say. Oh, yes. I'm organizing (and swapping in) Another Pin Cushion Swap and helping organize the Embroidered Valentine Tea Towel Swap -- my first tea towel swap! And I've also joined the Tiny House Swap -- how fun! (I'll pass along some pics and links to the galleries as soon as they're available.)

And about those pincushions:

I just made this pincushion for a custom order last weekend:

I love how it turned out! (I'm really loving the light blue and red together.)

And I brought this one out of retirement, in preparation for Valentine's Day:

This one is really a lot of fun to make, and I've made them in different color combinations, too.

I was inspired by the Katamari game my kids and I used to play!

I'll catch up with you tomorrow or Thursday with some more goodies! I'm planning a tutorial on my paperback wallets very soon. . . . .


  1. Again, I have no idea where you find the time, not just for your swaps but all your beautiful creations! I adore the custom pin cushion, it's so pretty!

    Congratulations on your interview I will be sure to tune in.

  2. Congratulations on the interview!

    Love the pincushions, btw!

  3. I just ADORE your wrist pincusions . . . I might need one soon, I misplaced my pincushion the other night while making curtains and, really, of all the things you could misplace, that might be the worst!


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