Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mini-Holiday Swap goodies!

Swap goodies spoiler alert! NO PEEKING, homerof2!!!!

I recently participated in a Mini-Holiday Swap on Craftster. Quick and easy -- just three small items!

I received my cute little items from homerof2 yesterday. (Oh, you've gotta check out my partner's quilts. Amaaazing.)

A lovely crocheted ornament:

A set of woven coasters. I really needed some more coasters, and should to learn how to make these!

A tissue cozy:

And my favorite, a Christmas themed square pincushion!

I love them all! Thanks, Cindy! (Partner, please stop reading if you made it this far!!)

Now, what I made for my partner:

A set of extra-large tea towels that can hang on the oven handle (or whatever handle, really):

The handles attach with velcro; the buttons are just decorative.

A sunflower pincushion:

I know the pincushion is not Christmas-y, but we were allowed to send non-holiday items, too.

It was a low-stress swap, and a lot of fun. (And I really must make myself some of those tea towels!)


  1. Each time I see one of your new pin cushions I love it more than the last one (but not more than my lilypad).

    What a fun swap!

  2. such awesome goodies!!! I ADORE the bird, that plaid underneath is soooooo cute!


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