Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More quick pants, and a batch of wallets

Monkey 5 has been eyeing Monkey 6's bird pants for quite some time. She felt that she needed a pair herself. She chose this fabric from my favorite fabric shop, buyfabricsonline (awesome!)

And she left it draped across my sewing machine. Hint taken.

The pattern I used is It's So Easy Simplicity 9882. I couldn't find it on the web to link to it, so it must be an old one. Well, I know it's an old one, as I haven't bought a pattern in years. I'm sure there are plenty of other super-easy patterns out there for jammies!

Now a few wallets. . . .

I haven't made wallets in quite some time, and have a huge stack of covers waiting for me. Later this week, I am sending some wallets to a boutique (along with the totes) so I was motivated to get some completed. Here are a few in my shop:

I have several more in my shop, and an even bigger pile under construction next to my work area. Then, it's time to make more totes. . . .

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