Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gooey Goodness

I recently came across Peggy's Gooey Butter Cake recipe. My grandma used to make these when I was little. She made cherry or pineapple variations. My grandma passed away a few years ago, and I don't have her recipe for this decadent cake. I was so happy to come across Peggy's!

If you've never had one of these, there is a buttery crust on the bottom, and an almost pudding-like filling on top of that. You can add fruit or other flavors to the filling. While baking, a fragile, slightly crispy crust forms on top of the pudding. Sooooo good.

We decided to try a cherry version:

Just spread a can of cherry pie filling over the crust before baking, and then pour the gooey mixture over the cherries. It took about 45 minutes to bake at 350. I wanted to take a photo of the cake once it was cut, but um, yeah... it didn't last that long.

(Thanks for sharing, Peggy!)


  1. Your cake sounds delicious! That cake doesn't last long around this house, either! Thank you for the nice mention!

  2. It's so interesting how desserts from the past seem to resurface again. This once looks like a winner (and easy too!).


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