Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New sachets, and a new pincushion design

I was finally able to make up some new rose petal sachets! I've had several customers request them, so I made them up in some pretty reclaimed linen fabrics.

This weekend, I was also able to finally take this idea out of my imagination, and make it into a real item. A wrist pincushion!

It turned out pretty much like I imagined -- which is always satisfying, because that is not always (or usually) the case! I used a shallow bottlecap for the pincushion's base, to protect the wrist from pin and needle pokes. Fabric remnants from my other projects make up the cute cuff. It's also adjustable... a wide piece of velcro functions as the cuff's closure, so it can fit a wide range of wrist sizes. This one sold within hours of listing, so I already have more planned out and ready to be assembled!


  1. I LOVE the wrist pincushion!! What a cute idea.

  2. ack!!! SO CUTE!!!! I've been wanting a wrist pincusion, your design is the coolest one i've seen yet!!!


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