Friday, August 8, 2008


My lavender dryer sachets made the front page of Etsy tonight! Yay!

I wasn't very productive today. I don't have any new items to show you. I did make a little papercraft Prince with my daughters this afternoon -- it really was fun. I didn't take a photo of him yet, but he's perched atop my sewing machine, and he makes me smile.....

OH! We did plan our Halloween costumes today. I haven't sewn Halloween costumes for the kids in quite a few years, not since my I-wanna-be-Super-Mom-fiasco years. But this time, it will be fun, easy, and we're doing it just for us. And we're super-excited!
What, you ask, are we going to be? Katamari cousins! I, of course, am going to be the queen... but I'm not so sure we can talk sweet husband/daddy into wearing the king's costume (tights!!) I'll keep you posted.....

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