Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grab some coffee or tea -- it's a long one.

I'll give a basic run-down of today's post, so you can skip to what you feel like reading.
  1. Wee Wonderful's Pointy Kitties
  2. Go Green and Recycle Swap goodies
  3. new additions to my shop

1. Wee Wonderful's Pointy Kitties

I came across Hillary Lang's Wee Wonderfuls blog quite a while back, and instantly fell in love with her sweet little creations. I printed out a few of her free downloadable patterns (what a sweet lady!) and filed them away in my massive "Someday" pile.

"Someday" came on Sunday, when my daughters and I decided to make the Pointy Kitty. It is easy enough for beginners to make, but they did need my help a few times. The girls each chose their own fabrics. It's funny how their personalities shone through their fabric choices! I chose to make mine completely from reclaimed scraps, left over from my bag and tote projects. I love the way they all turned out.

This kitty brings back memories of my curious cat, Sally. She passed away about 2 years ago from feline leukemia. She always "helped" me with my sewing, usually by stealing my bobbins or laying down in the middle of fabric while I was cutting. I still miss her.

2. Go Green and Recycle Swap goodies!

I received a lovely package from mimikachu today! She sent me these neat recycled goodies:

These earrings and bracelet are made from a New York City map! I need to learn how to make these paper beads. My Monkeys and I were just talking about making them the other day!

And how did my partner know I needed a journal? This is perfect for my design sketches and ideas. No more stray scraps of paper! And that pencil is made completely from recycled newspapers -- AND it smells like chocolate!

A cool record bowl, to hold some of my crafty supplies:

And a bag made from recycled materials! A hand-sewn bag, no less! This will be perfect for shopping trips.

Check out those stitches! Nice.

Thanks so much for swapping with me, Melissa! :)

3. New additions to my shop. . . .

I haven't made a zipper pouch in a long time, especially not one with an embroidered patch. I thought it was time to make one yesterday. This one is made from a lovely skirt:

This little box pouch was also contructed from a skirt:

Ooohh, I wish I had more of that fabric! I only have enough for a tote, and that tote is going to a boutique in Minneapolis. (More on that another day!)

Well, if you've made it to the end, congratulations. And thanks. :)


  1. i loveeee that zipper pouch!! just too fab!! and cute cats too.

  2. I have 2 smencils (the smelly pencils) grape and cinnamon! Love that they are eco-friendly!

    Cute kitties!


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