Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby cuteness ahead! You were warned!

Owen just got totally spoiled in our Week of Baby Onesies Swap on Craftster! My partner, QuiltersBlock, sent an adorable package of embellished onesies for my little guy.....

She made this shirt -- from scratch! I am impressed. I can't sew knits at all. This is so soft, too.

This onesie features the number 8, for our little Ocho (so named by his uncle Josh.)

Here's the king of our brood. He thinks so, anyway.

Sweet little puppy applique!

Cute leafy dino!

And check out the little dino track on the back!!! (Owen finally learned to push up while on his belly, too!)

This last shirt is my favorite.... she added sleeves! Sooooo cute! Oh, the possibilities!

Owen likes it, too.

Thank you SO much, QB! We just love these! If anyone would like info on how my partner added the sleeves to the onesie, she has kindly posted instructions here! She can also be found as refibered at sewingmama.com, a website I really need to check out!


  1. I recently found out that my sister-in-law is pregnant so I am appreciating your cute baby (and onesie) pictures even more now. I will have to get started on spoiling future little niece/nephew with appliqued onesies like these right away!

  2. Awww! Congrats to your family! Check out the Onesie Swap link to see even more cute onesies.... You're sure to be inspired!

  3. so cute!!! those sleeves are a great idea too! and omg, owen's thigh rolls . . .I'm DYING of cuteness!!!! :D

  4. Why am I just now finding your blog, Connie??
    Glad I did anyway...it's good to see your days and your children... :0)
    Much Love, Jenn (unwaveringfaith)


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