Saturday, July 12, 2008

A new tote, and an interesting ratio

I was able to photograph my new tote today, and it's now listed in my shop:

I think it's fresh and pretty.

An interesting ratio....

I read an article in The Storque today about hearts-to-sales ratios. I am not sure how important or relevant this ratio is, but I can see that it could be a helpful tool to gauge your frequency of sales. One interpretation of the ratio, according to the article, could be, "Historically, for every ______ persons that hearts my shop, I will then get one sale." I was pleasantly surprised to see that my ratio is 3.64... I thought it was more in the 5 area. (Before being a featured seller, I think that 5-7 would have been accurate. Sales have been up since then.) It can also help you set goals to lower your ratio. Interesting.

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  1. Cute tote, but I think I like the black and white one better!!


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