Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I can't sew and drive at the same time, but I wish I could.

I haven't been able to post any new projects or even works-in-progress lately, as I can't sew and drive at the same time. I wished I could, but I just can't. That is out of the range of my Super Mom powers. (Remember this post??)

My oldest daughters have been at summer camp for the past few weeks -- their first long trip away from home! They absolutely loved everything about their trip and camp. But, ooohhh, how we missed them! Finally the time came for us to pick them up, so we packed up all the remaining Monkeys and drove several hundred miles to retrieve our precious daughters.
Just a few pics from a stop on the way home....
Where in the world....? Anyone?
If you were to ask my boys, they would say that this was the highlight of the trip:

And now we're home, and recuperating from the long, but relatively easy (as in non-eventful) trip.

So no new or big projects to speak of today.

However, before I left, I did manage to make and post this tote:

This is by far my brightest tote. Wow.

One more important announcement:

I (well, my Etsy shop) will be taking a vacation in a few days.... from July 27th through August 10th.

I may (or may not) be updating my blog during that time. My guess is that I will......

My Etsy shop will reopen on August 11th, with many new additions. I have several new designs in the works for totes, pouches and pincushions! Whew! I am also working on some new scents for my sachets. I'm not sure if they will function as dryer sachets or just nice-smelling sachets. I'll have to experiment with them and get back to you on that.


  1. wow. Enjoy ur vacation! I am sure you will relaxxx...:) that tote is niceee!!

  2. ooh, gosh, wouldn't it be AWESOME to be able to sew and drive at once?!!?

    enjoy your vacation! can't wait to see the new sachet scents when you come back! :)

    (and yes, buyfabricsonline is SO awesome! thanks so much for the tip!)

  3. indeed... I'd like to be able to sew, and any of the following:
    cook, read, exercise, take a walk outside, drive, eat (have to admit I've tried it, yuck!), sweep the floors... okay, maybe even just chew gum... i'm not super coordinated, but I truly get your dilemma.


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