Friday, July 25, 2008

Custom order forms and a reclaimed clipboard

I love doing custom orders for people. Custom orders have begun coming in with more frequency, so to avoid a possible fiasco (and an upset customer), I came up with a way to organize and track my custom orders. I made up a custom order form that details the specifics of an order, and a homemade clipboard to keep them all in one place. I want to share both with you today!

I have uploaded a free custom order form for anyone to use. You can go here to get it, or under the Tutorials and Patterns section on the left. It's a Word document, so I hope it's usable for most people. If not, drop me a comment, and I'll try a different format.

To make my clipboard, I used items I found around the house. First, I came across an old, handpainted tray that I had purchased at a church garage sale a few years ago. It was just gathering dust in my garage, so I decided to use this as my base.

Next, to keep my order forms together, I chose a cute embellished clothes pin I had received as a freebie from karaku's adorable Etsy shop. A regular office binder clip would also work well. I attached the pin to the tray with my favorite adhesive, E6000. (My brother swears by Gorilla Glue, so whatever works!)

Finally, embellishments! I chose some Scrabble tiles and an old thimble that had found its way into my crafty stash. Again, this was all glued down to the tray with E6000.

For now, I prop my clipboard against the wall, next to where I work. I think I would prefer that it was hanging on the wall, but I'll get to that another day. All I would have to do is install a picture hanger -- easy!


  1. that was a really smart idea! you are soo creative!

  2. Thanks for offering up your order form! (I love lists.)


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