Saturday, June 21, 2008

Things might be returning to normal. I think.

What a crazy couple of weeks! The feature seller thing really threw me for a loop. I was NOT prepared for that much attention. I wish I'd had more time to prepare for it, but I did my best, with lots of help from my loved ones. I suppose that's all I can do -- my best.

I can't tell you how much I appreciated this opportunity. But more than that, all the fantastic convos I received from hundreds of people -- encouraging, positive, funny, touching, fascinating convos. Maybe a third of them were about homeschooling! (We may just need to start an Etsy homeschooling team!) And thank you to all who commented and visited my blog. I promise to respond to the comments/questions very soon.

One of the funniest things people commented on was my favorite coffee mug in the background of my picture. You guys are super-observant!

Also cool is that one of the people that actually designed and marketed the mug contacted me, and said her office got a big kick out of seeing their mug being enjoyed by one of their customers! Her Etsy shop is pretty neat (although currently closed,) and I have my eye on one of these when she reopens, done with the letter "C."

I am finally finished with all packaging and shipping from the featured seller days, including most of the custom orders. Here was one day's worth of shipping, ready to go to the post office:
I honestly don't know how the "big sellers" do this every day.

I also decided to thank my helpers with some cute little gifts from BazaarLatino's fun Etsy shop! I love her shop. They are cute, cool, and remind me of simpler times. (Thanks, sister, for showing me this shop!) My daughters chose these adorable earrings, and these, too. I even chose a couple of items for myself.

I just love big, chunky, unusual rings! I don't have nearly enough of them, though.

I have managed to make up more wallets, and have about 15 more in the works. Here are a few....

They will be listed on Monday. I also have one tote cut out, and more planned. I think I may need to hire a cutter to help me with the totes.

While all this is going on...

. . . look who's going to be two months old on Monday!

I can't believe it -- can you? Time has gone by so fast. He's doing much better, with the gassiness and all (thank you, aloe vera juice!) and is finally settling into a semi-routine. I'm getting to sleep more, and in an actual bed, too (not the rocker) so things are definitely getting back to normal.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some pretty fantastic news!

I received some pretty fantastic news the other day in a little Etsy convo... they selected me to be a Featured Seller! I actually screamed when I read the convo, and my entire family came running! This was always a dream of mine... not a goal, but a dream. So amazing, and so exciting.

That's the reason for the frantic sewing! I managed to whip up a little more than 20 wallets. Here are a few of them:

I have about 20 more wallets in production. I hope to work on those tonight.

We also worked on my totes. My sister cut fabrics for hours for these. We even made another last-minute run to the thrift stores for more fabrics... not that I really needed any fabrics (or an excuse to go thrifting!) Here are a couple of totes:

I also hope to work on a couple more totes tonight, as well.

I am a little sad that I didn't have time to re-stock my pincushions. I miss making them, and would love to have my pincushion section full of them!

Well, I'd better get back to the sewing machine. More later!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sweatshop time

One of my amazing sisters came to visit me last weekend. She and I have always loved to sew and craft together. We also have a dorky side (well, at least, I do) and we continually think of ways to irritate, aggravate, and generally annoy each other. But not in a bad way. In the way that we can't stop laughing until tears stream down our faces or we spew the Diet Dr. Pepper we happen to be drinking. That kind of aggravation. We love it.

Another thing -- she happens to be a professional costumer and seamstress. The word awesome comes to mind. We sewed all weekend long. I worked in a sweatshop. My own. And we loved it.
The reason for the frantic sewing spree? Tune in tomorrow and I'll spill the beans! Meanwhile, here's a look at my workspace.

I wish it were that organized. More later.....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cute shop, and a fun night out

I love our ETC First Mondays! I get to browse some of the members' shops, and find all kinds of neat items at great prices. I visited HandmadeWhimzy's shop during the sale... so many cute items! I decided to treat myself to a little present....

Cute packaging!

These sweet earrings were inside! I just love them. So simple, and so pretty.

I also bought some stickers and notecards from our street team's shop. I'll be putting the stickers in my orders, as a way of promoting our team. The stickers and notecards are the result of a collaboration between two of our members, tpdesign and tiddlyinks. Very nice job!

Our fun night out....

It isn't very often that we get to hear an orchestra perform. It's very rare, actually -- usually an anniversary treat for my sweet husband and me. However, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra presented a series of free concerts in area parks! I decided to pack up the Monkeys, some snacks and our lawn chairs, and head out to the concert. One of my sweet sisters joined us, too.

The kids all enjoyed the music, and the outing itself. Some more than others.

Monkey 7 thinks that raisins are bliss. (And that's not a strange camera angle -- that's him raising up his raisins in celebration!) He makes me smile.

Now I know what kind of music we should be listening to at home. Monkey 8 slept through the entire performance.

The weather was warm, with a soft breeze. My Monkeys behaved. My sister and I snacked on apricots, blueberries and cherries dipped in chocolate. The music was amazing. It was a perfect night.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bird pants, a Sale, and a feature!

Lots to write about today....
Remember when I ordered this adorable Alexander Henry fabric, and the first thing my 4 year-old said to me was, "I'll have some bird pants, please?"
I sat down to make those pants for him the day before Owen was born. I don't know why I procrastinated -- they only took 15 minutes to make from first cut to last stitch. Super-easy!

He wore them every day I was in the hospital having the baby. And then for an entire week after that. We had to sneak them out of his room to wash them! I have to say they were a success with him!

Time for our Etsy Texas Crafters First Monday Sale!

Please check out our team blog to see the latest and greatest sales going on today... until Midnight tonight! Almost 70 shops are participating this month, so you're bound to find something you need/want, and at a fantastic price! I updated my little ETC Etsy mini (on the right,) so be sure to take a peek at my favorites from my fellow team members' shops.

As for my shop, I'm offering 20% off your entire order (excludes shipping.

And a blog feature!

I was featured in our team blog! Exciting! Please check it out here.

Other news...

I've been so busy with baby Owen lately, I haven't had much time to sew. I did manage to whip up a bunch of lavender dryer sachets...

I also made up a neat custom order for a sweet lady....

It felt great to be back to embroidery and light sewing again! I've really missed it. I have a pincushion to make this week (and a whole huge batch of wallets) so let's hope (pray) Owen lets me get some sewing done!

An aside....

Owen has been super-fussy/gassy lately, and having to be rocked constantly. He wasn't able to sleep peacefully or for long periods of time. He's already on a soy formula due to a lactose allergy. I'm wondering if a milk-based/lactose-free formula might be better? Someone recommended using aloe vera juice -- just a few drops -- to help with the gas. I gave him a few drops a couple of hours ago. Let's just say he is now sleeping... peacefully... and I'm here typing (with two hands) without him propped on my shoulder or snuggled in a sling. Ahhhh......

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