Saturday, May 24, 2008

Perfect gift for a grad

I received one of these when I graduated from high school. Of course, I didn't appreciate this right away.... not until the first visit home, laden with a couple of weeks' worth of laundry.

The stencil was my first attempt at stenciling, and I suppose I liked it. It was nerve-wracking, really. One smudge, and your fabric is toast. But I think it turned out OK. This bag was crafted from some denim (new) that I found at the thrift store. I also found two large lots of khaki there, which will probably be made into laundry bags, as well.

I think this bag would partner well with some dryer sachets (and maybe a roll of quarters) for a super gift for a college student.


  1. I think the stencil came out great! And I also think this is a really great gift idea for someone going off to college. Awesome!

  2. great bag and totally, would make a great gift!!! those dryer sachets are gonna make an excellent self gift for me too . . . i've been drooling over them for ages and after the boy and I move next month I'm gonna have to buy me some :)

  3. I love the laundry bag! You're right - with some sachets and a roll of quarters, it would be a perfect gift.

    ps - little Owen is adorable!


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